Questioning Vaccines - Moral duty of every Citizen!

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Every person who questions vaccines was once a vaccine supporter. They are either victims, parents of victims or doctors/ caregivers who attend to vaccine injured children.

Published scientific literature has linked vaccines to 292 conditions including death. Vaccines cannot be safe - a fact argued by the manufacturers themselves before the US Supreme Court which then decided to allow the vaccine manufacturers absolute immunity from law suits. An ineffective adverse effect reporting system called the VAERS was established in the USA (the CDC itself admits less than 1% of cases get reported) and a tax of 75 Cents is imposed on each vaccine component sold to create an annual fund from which a Vaccine Court pays out compensation.

So far $ 4.14 billion has been paid out to a few thousand cases agreed upon since the late 90's. The process is agonizing because it is very difficult to get a case admitted and then the battle drags on. Very few can afford the extremely high legal fees involved. If there is a payout case the process creeps to a standstill as the compensation depends on the funds available and remaining cases get automatically rejected due to lack of funds.

Often the cases drag on because such delays lead to deaths of the vaccine injured child or person and the compensation in case of such deaths is much lower and therefore easy on the exchequer. Those compensated also have to sign a declaration that the injury or death is not due to the vaccine and that they will have to remain silent about the incident.

In India all vaccine injuries/ disabilities/ deaths are 'coincidence'. Only one case of compensation of a few lakhs for a polio vaccine death was granted by a High Court sometime in 1999 but the amount is yet to be paid despite several warnings by the Court.

The Govt of India has recently admitted to 10,612 immediate deaths after vaccination and more than 600,000 adverse reactions annually. The Pentavalent vaccine has caused deaths that were acknowledged by even the IAP but it still continues. Doctors have calculated that vaccines like the DPT, Pentavalent, the MMR and the Rotavirus EACH have the capability to cause between 6 to 10,000 deaths annually. The oral polio vaccine has paralyzed 491,704 children and yet the establishment continues to push the vaccine.

The IAP has a Govt unapproved and therefore illegal schedule with 15 more vaccines that has been questioned several times. Doctors have pointed out how each vaccine has severe side effects which then becomes the basis for introducing another vaccine. For example pneumonia, meningitis, and diarrhea are vaccine reactions for which new vaccines have been introduced instead of stopping the vaccines that cause them in the first place. Now, how many vaccines can you push into a child without rational considerations?

The process of testing the safety of the vaccines rests on the manufacturers. In India a very small unit tests certain vaccine batches without even administering them to anyone! Recently under immense pressure it has admitted to bacterial and viral contamination, that too only in vaccines manufactured by government units. It does not have the guts to declare what it finds in vaccines produced by private sector giants.

The vaccine link to autism is severely denied but Courts in US and Italy have so far compensated 87 cases of vaccine induced autism - classified as encephalopathy. Autism is listed as a side effect in a DaPT vaccine insert (Tripedia). The MMR vaccine package insert lists it as brain damage. Encephalopathy and meningitis are a common adverse effect of almost all vaccines.

Doctors are blissfully unaware of vaccine ingredients, contaminants, short and long term adverse effects, and the growing global lists of scandals and politics surrounding them. They are taught only about the vaccine schedule and the time and need to administer them. (In a survey conducted in Odisha majority failed to provide correct information even in this regard).

But many senior doctors have understood the immense harm from vaccines and have informed the authorities including the PMO several times providing precise scientific research studies. The authorities prefer to remain silent and do not even acknowledge such petitions. The very senior paediatrician whose books containing only positive research studies and ignoring all adverse reports are regularly published by the IAP is today fighting vaccines and is being physically thrashed because of daring to do so. His books however continue to be referred to.

There are many other pediatricians who want to speak up but fear the consequences. This dissent is forcing the vaccine lobby to get celebrities and politicians to endorse vaccine safety - they are the new "experts" who when called for may not even be able to spell the word vaccine.

Court cases have been filed against the oral polio vaccine, the Pentavalent, and the HPV vaccine which are not moving at all as very powerful forces are involved. All of this and more has eroded both public and medical fraternity's trust on vaccines.

Doctors who still continue to blatantly promote and administer vaccines are thus doing so despite the fact that both vaccine safety and efficacy are dangerous and unproven assumptions without rigorous scientific basis putting millions of lives at risk every day.

Without vaccines acute diseases cannot become chronic and rare diseases cannot become common place. Without vaccines there would not be the epidemics of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases that are making lives miserable and pushing people into poverty. The most credible physicians have on record said that vaccine induced diseases keep the medical industry alive and enable it to grow and profit.

Making vaccines compulsory without addressing the myriad concerns of safety, efficacy, corruption, and politics will only alienate the population as is being observed worldwide. Killing and disabling infants and children should perhaps not be the goal of the medical profession which takes great pride in claiming it is scientific and life saving. They have put hardened criminals to shame, a section that would think a thousand times before attacking innocent children.

Can vaccine propaganda be trusted? In the journal Lancet from 1938.

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