Why are organs failing?

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Why are organs failing? This is indeed a serious question as we regularly observe internal organ failure and then there is a rush for organ donations and replacement. The body is built in a way that offers maximum protection to internal organs. That they are failing indicates the failure of short sighted suppressive medication.

Organs can seldom fail;
- If the body is allowed to flourish in a biologically conducive non chemicalized environment,
- If acute diseases are respected and allowed to proceed their term without undue interference,
- If people understand that acute diseases are necessary for the body to detoxify and rectify itself,
- If people understand the dynamics of disease; that disease progresses from outside within, and that the health restoration capacity of the body acts from within outward trying to throw the disease matter outside,
- If people are conscious of bodily cycles and the need to maintain them,
- If people respect natural laws and understand the value of nature in human life,
- If people understand the value of optimum nutrition and exercise,
- If people understand the need for mental hygiene, positive mental attitudes, moral laws, and the need for self control and conservation of energy
- If people understand that breaking moral laws and inviting sexually transmitted diseases can affect not only themselves but their progeny and subsequent generations
- If people understand that sharing bodily fluids and blood - even if from supposedly safe sources can have unpredictable consequences on organs
- If people understand that most of the "medicines" that they routinely consume as per prescription are known for causing organ failures.

People also need to understand that proceeding on borrowed organs has huge mental and physical consequences and the burden of such a life can be worse than death.