Pet theories of Allopathy.

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For the modern medicos to become useful members of society, certain pet theories have to be ditched;

a) The body is a machine which can be fixed in parts. Removal of "problematic" parts can still allow the body to function normally
b) The body is a chemical factory that needs regular inputs of chemicals to keep going
c) The body, mind and emotions are separate issues and have no relationship with each other
d) The body does not know how to heal itself, the world would collapse without the increasing retinue of doctors and their interventions
e) The environment is an enemy conspiring to kill the body
f) Bacteria and viruses are always poised to attack the body
g) Acute diseases serve no purpose and all diseases must be tackled on a war footing. Lack of acute diseases is a desirable state.
h) Extreme toxins in material doses are extremely beneficial if prescribed by a doctor who is blissfully ignorant of toxicology and susceptibility
i) The body likes to maintain its parameters (homeostasis) and any change is disease

Only after these huge fallacies are discarded can they begin to learn about health.