What vaccines have been linked to autism?

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What vaccines have been linked to autism?
- Hep B vaccine (CDC Verstraeten study lying unpublished, C M Gallagher et al)
- MMR vaccine (CDC DeStefano study exposed by co-author, directly and indirectly linked by several other studies)
- Chicken Pox vaccine (Dr Theresa Deisher)
- Thimerosal (mercury containing compound in vaccines, several studies). All non live virus vaccines contain this compound. 
- Aluminium adjuvant in vaccines (Dr Stephanie Seneff et al, Mathew Mold et al, Christopher Shaw). Contained in Hep A, Hep B, Tetanus, DPT, HPV, Hib, Pneumoccocal, Pentavalent, Hexavalent
- DPT vaccine (mentioned in package insert, now removed from FDA website)
- DNA material in vaccines (Helen V. Ratajczak). DNA material exists in MMR, Chicken pox, Hep A, Rotavirus, polio, adenovirus, rabies, and shingles vaccines
- Encephalopathy after vaccination with children suffering "autism like" symptoms - US Vaccine Court that has awarded compensation to 85 such children so far, Vaccine Court designated expert Dr Andrew Zimmermann.