Vaccine Nightmare: And yet, vaccinate at any cost!

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While you are dreaming, the dream seems real to you. After you awake you are amazed at how you could consider it real. You look around at sleeping people and know they too are trapped in their dream worlds. You wait for them to wake up. Vaccination is that dream which takes time to break as it promises an Utopian world free from death, disease and suffering.
However when those very things hit you as you submit to that dream you suffer a rude awakening. Vaccination is not a good idea. This practice targets infants and children and suffers huge ethical issues. Ethics does not recommend indiscriminate medical interventions particularly on healthy subjects. These subjects being infants and children the issue becomes even more perplexing.
Consider this against the practices of other systems of medicine. Let alone medicate the healthy, they are extremely cautious even while treating sick children. While ayurveds frown on rural practices like giving a drop of honey to infants at intervals claiming it improves the immune system, classical homeopaths will balk at giving remedies directly to infants and give it to the breastfeeding mother who can then pass it on to the child along with the breast milk.
Even mainstream science does not advocate anything except breast milk to an infant. Not even water. One wonders how the many vaccines, containing seriously debatable ingredients, are injected during such a sensitive period. Scientific studies now stress on the benefits of natural childhood illnesses and how breastfeeding and natural exposures lead to a strong immune system and a healthy microbiome - a sine qua non for a healthy life.
There are many studies now to prove that vaccines irreversibly affect the immune system balance and can cause serious autoimmune disorders. These and other serious damage from vaccine ingredients are listed in vaccine package inserts and in confidential reports submitted by vaccine manufacturers to the federal agencies who sit on them doing nothing.
Vaccines are never adequately tested for safety - the safety tests being rigged by manufacturers to show that they are safe. They are not tested against any inert placebo but against the same vaccine minus the antigen - a process that defies logic. Vaccines are given in bunches - a procedure that has never been tested. The effects of the entire schedule are never tested. Long term studies are never done.
There are no studies to compare the health status of vaccinated vs the not vaccinated. Agencies are sitting on studies that reflect great harm from vaccines. The state of health of today’s children abundantly reflects that harm.
Vaccines are actually tested only after they are marketed. Considering that post marketing administration is a phase iv clinical trial, all rules are thrown to the winds as there is no apparatus to track that harm and rather adverse effects are termed 'coincidence'. Rules for reporting of adverse effects have been tweaked so that vaccines cannot be linked to the harm they inflict.
Doctors, nurses and health care workers are ticked off for reporting adverse events so as not to 'alarm the public'.
The chronic disease and cancer epidemics can be described in three words; autoimmune, inflammatory, immunotoxic. Vaccines cause exactly this! Thus vaccines are the only medical intervention that can be connected with all disease states we witness today.
Vaccines are now being made mandatory. Schemes are afoot to make them mandatory for adults too. Under these circumstances the public should not wait for the experts to declare harm. These experts have been bought. The industry rules the game. It is time for mass protests. It is time for non cooperation. It is time to protect our children. It is time to protect our health.

And yet, vaccinate at any cost!

The aim is to vaccinate each and every child regardless of opposition and consequences. Those engaged in this task know very well that there is serious opposition to vaccination based on science and that they have industry sponsored trash in their hands with which they are countering the opposition. There is no attempt to sit and and answer or even consider the points put forward by the doctors and scientists who have critically examined the issue. 

The constant vilification of those raising critical questions serves to sideline the growing anger and continue vaccinating the children. Even Court orders are being ignored. Since 1942 it is known that vaccines cannot prevent disease. Today as per their own records vaccines are connected to 248 serious diseases and disorders including death. Children are today seriously ill and childhood is lost. Research shows most childhood illnesses serve a purpose and that they are beneficial for the child. 

Yet vaccination does not stop. Why? What is even more disconcerting is that independent investigations find lack of the antigens in vaccines people are supposed to build antibodies against, or the quantity of antigens is so low it cannot provoke the body to produce antibodies. The whole thing appears very sinister. What is the purpose behind injecting every child with known and decidedly dangerous toxins? Why are governments participating in this genocide? Why are doctors groups silent and even justifying this mass poisoning? What the heck is going on?