Wild infection vs vaccination. Poles apart.

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A wild virus or bacteria will only affect the susceptible. More than 90% may not show any symptoms. Of the rest many will show mild symptoms. Even a huge epidemic may not progress to 10% of the population. The natural infection comes alone and one is exposed through natural orifices. The immune system is capable of fighting it at several levels thus causing the symptoms. Then it is expelled by the body thus completing a cycle and providing what is known as cellular immunity - the real mostly permanent immunity. The natural infections come with other benefits as they have been observed to prevent chronic diseases and cancers.
Vaccination is an unnatural process. It is a combination of disease agents taken from the diseased (where the disease agent is already primed to attack), combined with decontaminants, adjuvants, serum from various sources, cells from various sources, antibiotics, and other agents. There is also the burning issue of contamination at several levels. Vaccinations can expose more than 90% of the population to dangers when they are strictly enforced. The body has no chance of fighting this mixture which is mostly injected bypassing all defence; this results in serious lifelong chronic disorders (autoimmune and inflammatory, toxic syndrome) unless the fortunate person faces death. Do vaccines provide immunity? Science says no. Vaccines create antibodies. Antibodies are poor markers of immunity. You may have them and get the disease. You may not have them and be protected. Antibodies only indicate a body has encountered the agent, which is all. Thus natural infection and vaccination are poles apart with different consequences.