Vaccine Dangers: The other side of the coin.

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The Other Side of the Coin
Author: Justin James Garcia
A large momentum is building to push forward new legislation in governments across the western world to mandate vaccinations. The purpose of this paper is to look at the facts beyond the common knowledge of manipulating human immune systems for good and to, rather, examine the negative impacts and dangers which lurk in the vaccination agenda. Students are told by their professors, “all research about vaccines point to them being a good thing.” However, the 522 individuals who received reparations from the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program in 2018 would disagree, considering the $100.8 million awarded between them will never compensate for the priceless loss of their quality of life directly due to vaccines they received (, 2019, pg 9). This topic directly relates to Environmental Science 1401 because toxic and dangerous chemicals is a thoroughly covered subject, and it relates to every human worldwide because realizing the state of the world and the dangers surrounding us is a critical aspect in surviving and defending our quality of life, which is a key component of protecting the environment we’ve inherited.
Sadly, the wondrous cycles of spring and summer, autumn and winter have fallen away from the attention of humankind. The natural marvels of earth and sky have been replaced by digitized simulations, the grind to get cash, and temporary highs from various drugs. Education centers teach books of theory as though they were gospel truths, and the masses are stuck living a life without meaning, thinking that they are only less hairy apes that evolved from nothing. In the meaningless cycle of play, pay, and repeat, the majority of the population will never step back to appreciate the awesome engineering of the system we know as earth, and because they cannot step back to see the large picture, they’ll never recognize the powers that propagate war, famine, and disease.
In 2010 $1.5 million was awarded by the US Vaccine Court to a family whose little girl, Hannah Poling, joined millions of other children upon the autism spectrum, her entry point: a trip to the doctor’s office to receive vaccinations. The big media, along with the CDC have battled to ensure the public that this is a one-of case and is only due to some underlying medical issues that already existed. However, Dr. John Shoffner is noted as saying in relation to the case that “it's impossible to say whether Hannah's mitochondrial disorder was, in fact, a pre-existing condition that set the stage for her autism (as the government contends) or if it developed along with her autism” (, 2008, pg 1). This begs the question: are the words funded by billions of dollars of pharmaceutical profits, campaign donations, and annual dividends louder than the weeping voices of the thousands of parents who, like Hannah’s, noticed a change in their child after vaccinations and are awaiting a judgment by the Federal Vaccine Court? 
In the beautiful world of diverse wonders and marvelous variety, the principle power is not the sun; it is money. As imaginary of a matter it may seem, the value of currency is the perpetuating cause of the majority of modern life. Most individuals spend their entire lives chasing it, due to desire for wealth or to simply pay their bills until the final bill comes, the funerary fee. The powerful elites of this world have roots further in history than many will ever comprehend, and the will of these elites have impact on every member of our species, not only through creating a system of debt which enslaves citizens to the monetary cycle but most especially through pharmacy.
The English word for pharmacy is rooted in the Greek word pharmakeia, literally meaning sorcery. Sorcery is a system of controlling, and it is a system which nets billions of dollars each year to pharmaceutical corporations. “A patient cured is a customer lost” is a phrase that exemplifies the true motives behind the giant sorcery companies.
The root of the above-mentioned diabolic initiative is easy to reveal when one visits the Georgia Guide Stones in Elbert, County Georgia. Atop a list of ten seemingly innocent goals, written in eight different languages on massive granite tablets, is written: “maintain humanity under 500,000,000.” Combine that with this proclamation from Bill Gates while speaking in regards to expected population growth of 6.8 billion to over 9 billion, “if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, and reproductive health services we can lower that number by, perhaps, 10 or 15 percent” (, 2010, 4:35). This demonstrates that it is not just an initiative of the rich and powerful to lower the population, but it is a goal. Pharmakeia is one of the main tools to achieve this goal, alongside war and famine.
The ingredients found within vaccines are far from what one would ever find acceptable to serve as a meal to their child. Human DNA harvested from aborted fetal cells, formaldehyde, aluminum, and mercury, an extremely potent neurotoxin, are some of the less-appetizing components found in a multitude of inoculations recommended by health providers around the civilized world (, 2018, pg 1-3). Many other substances are included which require practice to simply pronounce properly. The scariest part of these concoctions is that the research done on their safety is funded by the very ones who stand to profit off of their approval, and any person with experience dealing with data knows the susceptibility to interpretation. The big money firms, hand-in-hand with those who benefit from their profits present biased data to the public, and the public in turn is raised with so much faith in the sorcerers-called-health professionals that they consume anything suggested to them in the same way they consume health-compromising fast foods, artificial sweeteners, and synthetic flavonoids, only to find themselves subjected to more and more drugs.
Lastly, two personal testimonies will emphasize the author’s feelings on vaccination. In 2010 I personally received a series of pre-deployment vaccines consisting of anthrax, smallpox, influenza, and typhoid vaccines. The next day I encountered encephalitis upon my dorm-room bed, which a doctor later said was only survivable by God’s grace. Up to a couple years after that series of vaccines along with an anthrax booster and seasonal flu vaccines, my cognitive capability felt limited to a frustrating point. In 2012 Travis Air Force Base began offering nasal vaccinations, and it seemed a welcome alternative to the injection which contained Thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative. However, a co-worker on the same day of receiving the nasal vaccination developed Guillain-Barre Syndrome and was paralyzed in half of his body. So, the question remains, are the pharmakeia corporations developing their products with profit in mind, or is the goal of health care to truly heal the population from the escalated prevalence of medical disorders? The sad truth is that the studies available are confirmed to be biased towards a false reassurance for the population in order to ensure profit-goals and possibly that other sinister goals are achieved.
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