Vaccination: Untested, Unsafe, Unnecessary.

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Vaccines: Untested, Unsafe & Unnecessary
 Prof. Dr Leo Rebello & Jagannath Chatterjee (2009)

"What really bothers us is not the deaths from vaccines. Deaths cause grief and the grief is relieved with time. We are more concerned with the cases of permanent physical and mental disability that the vaccines can cause. A disabled child is a financial burden on the entire family, which can never really recover from the situation. Vaccines are like Chinese bullets which seek to maim rather than kill. Most of them are best avoided."
- Dr Arun Mukherjee, MBBS, MD.

Abstract: There is no scientific evidence that vaccines are safe and effective. To the contrary there exists a lot of scientific research studies to support the growing feeling that vaccines cause a lot of deaths and disability. Diseases like AIDS, Diabetes, Cancers, Arthritis, Autism, asthma, eczema and various disorders in children and adults are today ascribed to vaccines. Vaccines contain heavy metals, carcinogens, neuro toxins, live and genetically modified viruses, strong antibiotics and contaminated serum. There is reason to believe that there is more to the State sponsored thrust on the increasing number of vaccines than that meets the eye.

Since the time they were introduced around 220 years ago vaccines have been credited to be a medical marvel, having stopped killer acute diseases on their tracks and providing hopes of similarly tackling other diseases like AIDS, and also chronic autoimmune disorders like cancer, diabetes, even ending obesity and the nicotine habit.

Emergence of autism fuels discontent.
But below all this hope, hype and activity opposition and discontent is brewing. The process of vaccine manufacture, and the nature of vaccine ingredients have always been a closely guarded secret. However an outbreak of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in American children, up from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 88 today (unofficially 1 in 67 and rising still to 1 in 58 in the UK), an increase that coincides with the increase in number of childhood vaccinations since 1978, focused attention on vaccines with the parents claiming that they watched their children regress after they got the shots.

Children with ASD, a condition yet to be fully understood, usually demonstrate deficits in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication, and display repetitive behaviors or interests. They may suffer from delayed development and be afflicted by severe bowel disorders. Clinically it is attributed to a neuron disorder and blamed on the genes, the gut problems being generally ignored. This neurobiological communication and behavioral disorder is more frequently identified in children than AIDS,diabetes and cancer combined.Critics say it is the largest iatrogenic (medicine induced) epidemic in human history.

Mercury poisoning via vaccines: The cries against vaccines became more vocal as autism was found to be very similar to symptoms of mercury poisoning. Vaccine whistle blowers have revealed that Thimerosal, a vaccine decontaminant used in multi dose vials to prevent fungal and bacterial growth, is 49.56% mercury by weight and it is being used since 1930. The first autism cases were detected in 1931. Earlier too a syndrome called "Pink Disease" was seen in children treated with Calomel, a mercury based compound. Calomel was banned when the link was known.

It takes simple mathematics to find out that by the time the children take all the shots, which have increased considerably over the last three decades (a child can be subjected to 69 vaccine shots by the age of six) , the mercury in their body is much above the environmental toxin watchdog EPA(USA) approved limit in food of 0.1mcg per kg of body weight in adults (not children), ingested, not injected.

A mercury-laced vaccine may contain 25 to 50mcg of mercury per shot. To tolerate a single shot, the child would have weighed a whopping 500 pounds, if the EPA guidelines have to be followed.
While the safety limits are based on methylmercury, vaccines contain ethyl mercury. Studies on ethyl mercury are not open to public scrutiny as it is found to be 1000 times more toxic than methylmercury. Combined with aluminum salts mercury in any form becomes 100 times more toxic.

The mercury content in children's bodies has gone up to 250 times the EPA limit as a result of the vaccines and that too injected directly into their blood stream bypassing the body's natural defenses. If we consider the WHO limit of mercury in water the children are being subjected to 50,000 times the limit. Mercury is a dangerous neurotoxin, second only to Uranium, and accumulates in fat cells of the brain, organs and tissues destroying the nerves therein. It has been found to be toxic even in ppm doses.

Vaccines also contain aluminum, used to excite the immune system of the body, and which considerably boosts the toxicity of mercury. When injected into children the mixture readily overpowers their nervous system to cause severe brain, neurological and allied damage.

In a recent study conducted by an independent researcher in the USA it has been revealed that the combination of aluminum, mercury and formaldehyde in vaccines can push the toxicity of mercury several notches higher, 1000 times to be precise. This study is available on the internet.

The HPV vaccine, based on a genetically modified virus, against cervical cancer targeting young women, that has recently been introduced in America has a whopping 225mcg of aluminum per vaccine shot, the required three shots would deliver 675mcg over a six month period.

Pregnant women, and unborn infants, are at great risk from vaccines as they are injected two mercury filled tetanus shots during the period of pregnancy. The flu vaccine, awaiting introduction into India, also contains mercury. Mercury is known to cause stillbirths, premature births and also destroys the childbearing capacity of women as per Dr David Ayoub, an US based vaccine researcher.

Vaccines have caused a trail of autism and other damage wherever they have been implemented. China has reported an autistic population of 18.40 lakhs after vaccines were allowed into the country in 1990. The parents of vaccine-damaged children have staged protests in the infamous Tiannemann Square in Beijing after which they were forcibly dragged away and imprisoned.

In African countries soldiers are employed to give vaccines at gunpoint. The parents hide their children and when threatened expose the sick children so that they do not have to lose the healthy ones. Like in India, the Oral Polio Vaccine is causing an alarming rise in figures of vaccine-induced polio in these countries. Doctors and researchers in democratic countries and also the world bodies involved in the vaccination process justify these draconic and cruel measures as they are "for the greater good of the children."

 How vaccines affect children.
Some children are more susceptible to mercury as their body does not produce enough glutathione, an antioxidant that helps in disposing off the mercury and other neurotoxins in the body. These children develop full-scale autism while the other children are affected with various other disorders. It is observed that sick, underweight, malnourished and immunocompromised children do not have the ability to produce enough of this key antioxidant.

Autism affects male children more than females because the female hormone acts similarly as glutathione thus eliminating mercury, other heavy metals and toxins from the body. Mercury by itself can destroy and reduce glutathione and other antioxidant levels in the body. The male hormones are known to increase the toxicity of mercury making males more prone to the dreaded condition. While the male female ratio for autism is 4:1, vaccines are known to cause severe attention deficit problems and impaired cognition in female children. Mercury spares no one.

The number of children with memory problems, neurological problems, behavioural, developmental problems and attention deficit disorders is said to be 1 in 6 today, certainly a huge figure. The live viruses used in vaccines also contribute to serious and chronic intestinal disorders like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), and Cohn’s Disease etc.

Doctors aware of vaccine risks.
What is very disturbing in the vaccination controversy is that the medical profession has been aware all along about the lethal aspects of vaccines. Dr Antoine Beauchamp was the first to blow the whistle even as Louis Pasteur came out with his germ theory. Dr J Crompton Burnett studied the concept of injecting diseased pus into the body in 1840 and declared it was creating a deep-seated disease condition with symptoms akin to suppressed venereal diseases. He termed it Vaccinosis.

The spurt in small pox cases, vaccine induced deaths and the emergence of the cancer epidemic after the small pox vaccine was made mandatory sparked off protests all over the world spawning anti vaccine groups comprising mainly of mainstream doctors and the vaccine was banned.

Deaths from vaccines prompted many doctors to raise their voices, which reached a peak in 1909. Concern over the use of mercury in vaccines was voiced in 1938. By 1990 scientific studies had linked vaccines to a wide range of illnesses. In the year 2000 doctors, vaccine manufacturers and vaccine policy makers held a secret meeting, the Simpsonwood Conference in the US, where doctors voiced their apprehensions but strangely a decision was taken to play down the concerns and continue with mercury in vaccines.

A report on the Simpsonwood Conference says:
"In February 2000, Dr Thomas Verstraeten of the National Immunization Program of the CDC produced an analysis of the CDC's Vaccine Safety Datalink, a patient record database that includes information on children vaccinated who developed neurological disorders. These findings were never made public but they were discussed at a secret CDC conference held on 7-8th June , 2000 at the Simpsonwood Retreat Center, Norcross, Georgia. This was top level assembly of 51 scientists and physicians, of which five represented vaccine manufacturers (Glaxosmithkline, Merck, Wyeth, North American Vaccine and Aventis Pasteur). Minutes of this conference were obtained by Congressman David Weldon through a freedom of information request.(76) Verstraeten's findings showed a risk of autism 2.48 times greater for infants who received the highest amounts of mercury in vaccines. The delegates agreed that these findings should be kept secret and went on to discuss how they could manipulate the data to conceal the association.
In November 2003, Verstraeten et al. published a study in Pediatrics which denied the association. The Journal did not disclose the fact that since the meeting in 2000, Verstraten had been working for Glaxosmithkline. In December 2003, Congressman Weldon got Dr. Mark Gaier access to the same Datalink database and he was able to conclude that the earlier findings were correct."

Not only that, it was decided by IOM, USA in 2004 to cut off research funds from projects which sought to study the way vaccines affected the population. This is despite the presence of a wide range of studies having proven beyond doubt that vaccines affect the immune system adversely and are behind many cases of sickness in children and adults.

It can be said with certainty that vaccine induced diseases drive the medical industry and help it draw funds from governments and private sources while attempting to research into and manage these iatrogenic illnesses. The industry similarly fleeces the unsuspecting patients and also feeds the health insurance business. This has been pointed out by many a vaccine researcher who claim that the objective behind vaccines is to keep the population chronically sick so that the drug industry can profit from increased sales.

Today vaccines continue to be the mainstay of the medical industry and they hope to swamp the population with 250 vaccines (as per the Vaccination Development Report 2006), currently in various stages of development, in the very near future. Recently plant based genetic vaccines are being covertly tested (with devastating results) and scientists are busy devising genetically modified crop which will automatically vaccinate us against disease. Truly we are entering a very frightening stage of human development, if we can call it that.

Vaccine manufacturers in the US are immune to law suits. They are allowed to charge a fee of 60 cents on vaccines, which goes to a national vaccine damage compensation fund. It is the government that pays damages to affected children prompted by courts. Needless to say it is very difficult to prove that vaccines have damaged the child as the medical community has framed the rules, which makes it almost impossible to do so. In spite of these barriers the Government in the US has ended up paying more than $2.0 billion as damages to affected victims over the years. As on date upward of 7800 cases of vaccine damage are pending before US Courts.

It has been recently reported in the American Press that 11 to 18% of doctors taking a survey have admitted that they have not vaccinated their children. They have also admitted to having serious reservations on the safety of vaccines such as DPT, MMR and the efficacy of the BCG. Nurses and other healthcare workers resent being vaccinated as they experience adverse effects.

Doctors declare vaccines unnecessary.
As conscientious doctors watched perfectly normal children turn into grotesque zombies after receiving the vaccines, the beneficial nature of childhood illnesses began to be discussed.

It became clear to doctors that disease was something beyond the symptoms and that the outward manifestations of disease called aetiology were but the body's efforts to throw out disease matter. It thus became obvious that acute illnesses served a purpose and that the body purposely chose an illness to rectify an internal defect.

Under the circumstances, doctors like Philip Incao raised serious doubts over the supposed benefits of vaccines and instead declared them unnecessary, an insult to the growing child.

It has been pointed out by doctors that measles, mumps and rubella are best countered in childhood. It is when they are pushed to a more mature age that complications occur. This is also the case with Hepatitis A. In many countries parents send their children to mingle with affected children so that the children can get them at an early age. In Germany this is still the norm.  In the UK and USA this method was quite popular till a fear psychosis was allowed to grow.

By vaccinating against all possible illnesses, we are losing the necessary disease fighting capability. Mother's milk now does not contain antibodies they used to contain earlier because vaccines have messed with our system. This milk is also contaminated with DDT, pesticides, PCBs, heavy metals and a host of other toxins. Even the umbilical fluid is terribly contaminated. We should think of purifying ourselves and not adding to the long list of harmful chemicals playing havoc with our health.

Many doctors are today revolting against vaccines as the short term and long-term consequences are visible everywhere. There is consensus that vaccines have changed us permanently, introduced hereditary chronic disorders and caused genetic changes in the human population, which will have far reaching consequences.

No long term tests on vaccines.
No long-term tests have ever been conducted on the after effects of vaccines, singly and in combination. Vaccines are tested for a short period against another vaccine, not a placebo. Short-term reactions are rationalized as resulting from other causes and not the vaccines.
There are instances where vaccines have been sanctioned despite adverse reactions being reported as in case of the Rotavirus vaccine. It is common for vaccines to be withdrawn for their dangerous after effects and then released after modifications claiming to be "new and improved". Even in the new avatar they cause havoc as in DTP, which has been modified into DTaP.

Vaccine activists are now asking for vaccinated populations to be tested against an unvaccinated population. A community called Amish in the UK claim religious exemption from vaccines. It has been observed that they do not suffer from any autoimmune disorders. There are only 3 autistic children in the Amish community, against an expected 130. It was found upon inquiry that even these 3 have been vaccinated under various circumstances.

In India the Muslim population is averse to both vaccines and caesarean childbirths, opting for natural health and natural births instead. As per an Indian Institute of Population Studies Report, published by the "Economic & Political Weekly", the instances of infant mortality and also maternal mortality is lowest among this population despite the existence of many factors which ought to make them more prone to these calamities. The report expresses surprise at these findings and call for an in-depth study to nail the cause behind it.

Short-term studies conducted by unbiased researchers have revealed that vaccinated children suffer more than their unvaccinated counterparts. In many trials deaths, brain damage, neurological problems, infantile diabetes, Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS), a paralytic disease, severe allergies and intestinal disorders have been reported.

Vaccines compromise immune system.
The official version is that vaccines create antibodies to the various viral and bacterial matter injected into the body. However it has been proven that high antibody counts do not translate into immunity. Medscape, a widely read medical journal of repute, has acknowledged this.

Diseases that they have been vaccinated against have regularly hit vaccinated populations. While the vaccine manufacturers see this as an opportunity to push in "booster doses", the fact is the vaccination concept is flawed.

Artificially induced antibodies themselves have been identified to be a risk and cited to be a cause behind arthritis and rheumatism in both children and adults.

Why are vaccines ineffective? Ordinarily foreign materials enter through the throat where the mucous system, the tonsils and the adenoids fight them first, and then they are tackled by stomach juices, next the intestinal mucous tackles them and lastly the blood and lymphatic system tackles the rest. In this way the entire immune system is stimulated. The disease matter is then expelled. The body gets both cellular as well as humoral immunity. This immunity is mostly foolproof and permanent. It fails very rarely only when malnutrition or other factors considerably weaken the immune system.

However vaccines directly inject foreign material into the blood, bypassing 90% of the immune system. This totally disturbs the natural process. As a result, instead of acting as a whole the immune system gets totally muddled and confused. This is the primary reason why cells are malfunctioning leading to cancers and autoimmune disorders are becoming commonplace.

This phenomenon, which proves that vaccines compromise the immune system, has many doctors’ worried sick. But they are being denied funds for research. They also know that they will be persecuted if they take matters into their own hands. This is exactly what happened to Dr Andrew Wakefield when he found the MMR vaccine strain measles virus in the gastrointestinal tract of autistic children suffering from severe gut issues. This doctor continues to face persecution despite the fact that his studies have been replicated by researchers. It has also been revealed through right to information act that the UK government falsified documents and suppressed information that would have exonerated Dr Wakefield.

But how do vaccines suppress diseases?
Then how do vaccines suppress diseases? This is probably due to the observed phenomenon that if a person has a chronic disease, he is often spared acute ones. By introducing a chronic disease state and suppressing the vitality of the body, it cannot react to foreign intrusions by the way of external symptoms. This symptom less condition is touted to be a "disease free state" whereas in reality it is an obvious case of immune suppression.

It is also speculated that vaccines have converted curable acute illnesses to incurable chronic conditions. The present unexplainable spurt in chronic diseases lends credence to this view. The medical view that vaccines have more benefits than risk needs to be urgently reviewed. It is only when all probable aspects of vaccines are studied that such a statement can be made.

The doctors in India do not agree that all vaccines are harmful. They call for more stringent tests and careful assessment before any vaccine is introduced. They point out the Medical Oath that asks the doctors to "First do no harm". They are also in favour of informed consent of parents and are seeking public representatives on the immunisation board. They have devised a system whereby vaccines can be better evaluated in terms of costs, need, risks and benefits. They also resent foreign intrusion on matters of vaccine policy, as it is the Indian doctors who are better aware about ground realities.  

The risks versus benefits argument:
In the face of opposition to vaccines the physicians latch on to the risk versus benefits argument. This does not fool the activists. They point out that for this equation to be valid one must acknowledge all possible risks associated with vaccines along with a scientific and objective report on the benefits. The fact is the medical community finds it difficult to go beyond the insignificant short-term risks like redness at the injection site, swelling and the associated fever. They will never acknowledge that vaccines have caused permanent disability and death. The benefits on the other hand are of a purely speculative nature. There is yet to be any objective study about the so called benefits of vaccines, if any. 

Grim scenario in India.
The situation in India is even worse. As per a declaration by doctors at the recent inauguration of the National Autism Centre at New Delhi, the number of autistic children, as per a very conservative estimate, is more than 40 lakhs today. Last year the figure was 17.40 lakhs. This represents an increase of 133% in a single year. This has been reported in the Times of India. Ms Sonia Gandhi inaugurated the center.

The latest official figures say that autism in India is now 1 in 150, as per an advertisement issued by the GOI in The New Indian Express of 02.04.09, a 300% increase over the past few years. Over two crore children may be affected. The survey however warns that the entire targeted population could not be covered. And, more important, 99.9% of the doctors are not trained to detect autism. Therefore the real figure is anybody's guess. This was reported at a conference on Autism held at Bhubaneswar on 15th April'2007 by Dr Arun Mukherjee, MD.

Privately doctors concede that the figure in India today is 1 in 37. "Walk into any class of any school today and you are sure to come across a child who shows symptoms of Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Somebody somewhere has to own up responsibility," says an eminent doctor who practices in the Indian capital of New Delhi.

"We have to fight the vested interests. I will never say that we have to entirely do away with vaccines but I do not approve the way vaccines are being administered to infants in the country today.  I agree with you that all vaccines that are out in the market need not be given to children in India. As for the Government sponsored Universal Immunisation Program, I have already expressed displeasure with the OPV, we have not yet understood the role of the intestines in shaping the immune system. The BCG vaccine has been proven ineffective decades earlier and I do not understand why it continues. I will definitely try to raise these issues if I get the chance." - says Dr P M Bhargava, founder director Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology, Hyderabad and former Vice Chairman, Knowledge Commission, in a personal interview to one of the authors.

Also news in The Telegraph by its science correspondent Sri G S Mudur reported that up to 30,000 children in India have been affected by Acute Flaccid Paralysis (AFP) over the last two decades, ostensibly due to the use of the live poliovirus in the Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV). A grave error that has rattled the govt but all attempts are being made to deny the link.

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has a grimmer prognosis. While it reports a figure of 85,000 non WPV AFP cases up to 2005 (1,25,000 upto 2006) in its website containing the minutes of a meeting of the IMA Sub Committee on Immunisation chaired by Dr S K Mittal, it points out that this could be 5% of the total figure as the reporting system did not function properly. 

A prominent member of the Committee has put the entire blame on WHO, UNICEF and the Indian Government in a scathing criticism published by The Hindu. It is not clear from the IMA website whether all the AFP cases can be ascribed to vaccine induced polio. Doctors settle at a figure between 24,400 to 30,000. Conscientious doctors want a system to evaluate and compensate the unfortunate victims as a humanitarian gesture but their pleas seem to be falling on deaf ears.

There is a general agreement in India that vaccines may adversely affect those children who are genetically susceptible to certain vaccine ingredients. However there is no provision in India to genetically screen children. Therefore the doctors are of the opinion that a "small risk" has to be taken in the greater interest. The question here is, who is taking that risk? Certainly not the doctors!! Talking about a "small risk", the child adversely affected by a vaccine is damaged 100%. And that is not a small risk for the unfortunate victim.

Vaccine flaws pointed out to GOI.
It is not that the vaccine - childhood disorders link has not been pointed out to the Health Ministry in India. Dr Ajay Gambhir, Vice President of the Indian Association of Pediatrics (IAP), and a member of the vaccine committee, has sounded the warning in 2003. Dr Mythili Chari, a doctor associated with autism treatment has blamed the vaccine MNCs for forcing India to use vaccines containing Thimerosal even as in USA and European countries there is a ban on mercury in vaccines.

Dr Bhaskar Rao, eminent Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon has questioned the unbridled rule of vaccines in his 2001 tirade against the illogical introduction of the Hep-B vaccine into India.  Dr P M Bhargava, Vice Chairman, Knowledge Commission has written to the Government on the OPV issue.

Other senior doctors who have expressed displeasure at the way mass vaccine camps are conducted and on matters of vaccine selection and safety include Dr Jacob M Puliyel, Dr Yash Paul, Dr G N Shenoy and Dr Omesh Bharati. Indian medical journals have flayed the attitude of the Govt to push more vaccines into children without weighing the pros and cons of the exercise.  Clearly the medical community is sharply divided on the issue of vaccines.

Doctors also argue that it is clean water and environment, better hygiene and nutrition, prolonged and proper breastfeeding besides building up natural immunity through the use of vitamin and essential mineral therapy that helps curb epidemics like polio and not vaccines. It has also been pointed out that polio peaks every four years and by nature the condition is different from diseases that vaccines have allegedly curbed. The link between polio, a disease of the central nervous system, with the rampant use of DDT and other pesticides has also been discussed in medical journals.

The one-track approach of tackling diseases by medicines and vaccines instead of looking at other common sense preventive measures has become a fad with the medical community. They are encouraged to adopt this stance by the drug and vaccine manufacturing companies who are obviously interested in selling more drugs and vaccines.

Vaccines as bio weapons.
To top it all vaccines are being introduced in India without proper trials raising fears that bio weapons designed as vaccines could easily invade India, as pointed out by Dr Ajay Gambhir of the IAP. Vaccines to forcibly control the population, as per an US, UN and WHO agenda, by creating antibodies to a birth hormone have already been covertly tested in India, Vietnam, Philippines and Nigeria. In India a PIL has been filed on the issue by Saheli, a women's organization.

The haste with which developing and overpopulated countries are being flooded with vaccines, as a philanthropic gesture, have raised the fears that they are being used to make the population sterile. Mercury is known to affect the childbearing capacity of women and fertility in men as per Dr David Ayoub.

The use of Squalene, an oil based adjuvant that is known to be a painful immune destroyer being used in recent vaccines and in vaccines in the making is also a cause for concern. Used in the anthrax vaccine, it has caused havoc amongst US troops who are being forcibly vaccinated. Squalene is also an ingredient of the various AIDS vaccines under development. 

The threat from vaccines has become real as the USA has recently shifted vaccine research into the claws of BARDA, a military bioterrorism research unit. This effectively puts vaccine studies out of the ambit of public and maybe also scientific scrutiny. Activists have already warned vaccine policy makers in India and demanded that all batches of vaccines be screened for birth hormones, strange viruses and bioterrorism agents.

Very recently, in March 2009, a vaccine manufacturer included two strains of the live avian flu virus in its flu vaccine. This cannot be a mistake as the manufacturer subscribed to the highest safety standards. This intentional attempt to spread bird flu was discovered when the vaccine consignment (sent to 18 countries) was examined by inspectors in one of the recipient countries. What is more strange is that no action has been initiated against the erring company. 

Vaccines, criminality and social violence: Dr Harris L Coulter has pointed it out in his well-researched book, "Vaccinations, Social Violence & Criminality", that the vaccines and their ingredients change the biochemistry of the brain. Mercury has the ability to cross the blood brain barrier. Aluminium weakens the blood brain barrier allowing itself and all other ingredients access to the brain.

How is this affecting the mentality of the vaccinated person? Dr Coulter observed that vaccines cause encephalopathy, which is a swelling of the brain. He then studied the patients who have suffered such a kind of brain damage and came to the conclusion that they are prone to criminal and perverse behaviour as they develop. Unsocial activity has already been observed among autistic children. They are prone to go into a shell and have occasional violent outbursts. Thus this opens up a hitherto undiscussed aspect of vaccines, their ability to induce personality changes, unsocial behaviour as well as criminal tendencies.

Other vaccine ingredients:
Why are so many voices being raised against vaccines? Is it simply because of mercury? No. There are other ingredients in vaccines which raises the heckles of conscientious doctors.

Vaccines contain carcinogens like formaldehyde, phenol, glycol, glutamic acid etc. Human and animal serum and tissues used in vaccines have helped more than 60 recognised monkey viruses cross over to humans of which two, SV 20 and SV 40, both simian viruses, have till now been identified as damaging.

Causal studies have revealed that SV 40 is behind many cases of Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma, a form of cancer. The SV 40 is now with us permanently and is found in cancerous tumours, the brain, lymphatic and cerebro spinal fluid and also in the sperms. The Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV), similarly transferred, is suspected to have morphed into the dreaded HIV in humans. Medical researchers have gone on record that there is absolutely no difference between the Simian SIV and the human HIV.

In these days where nano bacteria and nano viruses are being studied, virologists suspect that billions of foreign viruses and bacteria have crossed over by the use of animal and human serum in vaccines. How they could be affecting us is anybody's guess.

Not only simian viruses, bovine, porcine and avian viruses too have been introduced into humans thanks to this widespread practice. Vaccines are clearly playing Russian roulette with our lives.

Antibiotics like neomycin, penicillin, and streptomycin form a part of vaccines. These antibiotics should not be injected without a skin test and are reportedly behind most cases of anaphylactic shocks, seizures and deaths immediately following the vaccines. 
Strangely vaccine damaged children also have high levels of arsenic and lead in their bodies. Are these also a component of vaccines? Unless a full disclosure is made it is difficult to say what exactly vaccines are composed of.

Full disclosure appeals have been rejected in Canada under the plea that it violates the right of vaccine manufacturers who would like to protect their techniques. But surely if something is forcefully injected into a vast majority of the world’s children, the parents have the right to know? 

The current trend to use genetically modified viruses in Hep B, HPV, and the flu vaccines is being opposed by genetic scientists themselves who argue that the science is in its infancy and that commercial application is not advisable. The use of live viruses in the OPV and the MMR is also a raging debate, as they are known to trigger the very diseases they seek to prevent. Vaccines containing live viruses are not supposed to be administered indiscriminately. However we do not find any screening being done in India.

Incidentally the measles virus strain used in the MMR vaccine is found in the guts of autistic children indicating that the vaccine could be triggering the autism epidemic aided by the other vaccines delivered prior to it. Autism, in most cases, shows itself just after the MMR or the DPT shot.

Another factor that is causing consternation is the very procedure of injecting foreign bodies directly into the blood. The circulation system does not have the capacity to digest the foreign proteins nor can it deal with the toxins. All these are dumped into the kidneys, which filter the blood. Needless to say this causes a tremendous pressure on the kidneys and leads to the impairment of its functions. The nephrologists world over are very concerned about the number of kidney ailments that are affecting the population. While they are very eager to point out the use of metal ashes (bhashmas) in Ayurvedic and Siddha systems of medicines, they choose to remain mum about the toxins introduced in the body by way of mass vaccination procedures.

Dr Andrew Wakefield of the UK, after studying the peculiar intestinal ailments of autistic children, has suggested that mercury and other heavy metals, coupled with the use of multiple live viruses in vaccines are behind the spurt of autism cases all over the world. While his observations have been pulled out of Lancet where it was published and every effort has been launched to destroy the reputation of this doctor, there is an urgent need to verify his findings by an unbiased body. It needs to be pointed out that the article was not pulled out because of any flaws in it but the fact that Dr Wakefield was partly financed by a parent's group was enough for this doctor to be ostracised and dragged to the court.

No statistics to prove vaccine efficacy.
Many will be surprised to know that there is no statistics to prove that vaccines have eradicated epidemics. The emphatic declarations about the magic of vaccines are merely a perception moulded into the human psyche by repeating a lie ad infinitum.

The study of figures shows that vaccines have been introduced at the fag end of epidemics and that they were declining anyway. In case of Small Pox, there was even a flare up after the vaccine was introduced forcing Mahatma Gandhi to come out strongly against the use of vaccines, which he claimed was a "filthy process". The epidemic graphs show the typical bell shape with the vaccines being introduced at the declining stage when the diseases were already on the wane and on the verge of disappearance.

It is known that epidemics like the Plague and Spanish Influenza, even Scarlet Fever, have disappeared without the use of vaccines. The use of live viruses in vaccines is flaming doubts that it is vaccines that are prolonging epidemics. Polio in the US is now caused only by the strain used in the Salk inject able vaccine, a vaccine that may soon be introduced in India. Epidemics of acute diseases are today found even among vaccinated populations.

Vaccine efficacy or statistical manipulation?
The medical establishment excels in the art of manipulating data. Polio cases "went down drastically" after the vaccine was introduced. Quoting vaccine researcher Neil Z Miller;
"The standards for defining polio were changed when the live polio vaccine was introduced. The new definition of a "polio epidemic" required more cases to be reported. Paralytic polio was redefined as well, making it more difficult to confirm and tally cases.
Prior to the introduction of the vaccine the patient only had to exhibit paralytic symptoms for 24 hours. Laboratory confirmation and tests to determine residual (prolonged) paralysis were not required. The new definition required the patient to exhibit paralytic symptoms for at least 60 days, and residual paralysis had to be confirmed twice during the illness.

Also after the vaccine was introduced, cases of aseptic meningitis (an infectious disease that is difficult to distinguish from polio) and Coxsackie virus infections were reported as separate diseases from polio. But such cases were counted as polio before the vaccine was introduced." [End Quote]

This tactics is being employed in India as well. Polio is being recorded under different names. Also the reporting is entirely on the onus of the health officer who can attribute vaccine attributed acute polio (VAAP) to “predisposition” and wash it off.

Vaccination debate yet to take off in India.
The vaccination debate is very old in the West dating back to the early 1980s but it has not been given the attention it deserves in India, which treats vaccine camps akin to religious ceremonies, and the government repeatedly urges the people to vaccinate their children. While courts in the US have awarded compensation of up to $43.10 million to individual vaccine victims, the Indian govt stoutly defends its stand that vaccines are absolutely safe, let alone take care of the vaccine damaged children and adequately compensate them. In the US vaccine activists have demanded a compensation of $20 lakhs per vaccine damage victim.

It appears a meeting has been held amongst Health Ministry officials where the dangers from mercury have been discussed. A proposal to strengthen the vaccine adverse effect reporting system has been mooted. But how judicious this step will be without discussing ways and means to check the damage caused by vaccines is a big question mark. Preventing vaccine damage should be more important than keeping track of vaccine damaged children. The reluctance of doctors to report vaccine damage and the pressure of the vaccine lobby is sure to make this move a non-starter.

The erstwhile President of India Dr Abdul Kalam has attended an autism conference in Seattle, Washington, via video conferencing. This conference was called to kill the vaccine-autism link and bury the controversy once for all. The conference was open only to invitees and the common public was not allowed in. Already newspapers are full of reports giving mercury in vaccines a clean chit and blaming autism to be a 90% genetic disorder. But the question that remains unanswered is how can a genetic epidemic occur? And if it can, why is it occurring?

The best method to treat autistic children, heavy metal detoxification, is being branded a "dangerous" therapy fraught with great risks. Two cases of deaths are being flaunted. However these deaths were not caused due to the method but the accidental use of wrong medications. The medical community is hell bent in not only burying the truth but will also not allow the victims any chance of treatment. This brings to sharp focus the cruel and inhuman face of modern scientific medicine.

The autism epidemic is being viewed as a great opportunity to test the methods of genetic engineering. The distraught parents will do anything to relieve the misery of their wards and they can be easily manipulated into new and untested genetic treatments. There is also a call to screen children in their wombs for defects and eliminating them before birth. There is also an opportunity to get defects rectified in the womb and welcome the age of designer babies. These attempts are not only dangerous but are also highly unethical.  

American investigation finds flaws.
A recent US Govt led investigation has found both the US CDC and FDA, medical advisory bodies, guilty on many counts. The investigators have been shocked at the sloppy manner in which the conspiracy is being tackled and have found evidence that the vaccine manufacturers are colluding with politicians and doctors to hush up the issue. The investigators expressed surprise at how such a large dose of mercury, the second most dangerous toxin, is being allowed to be injected into infants. "The regulators have fallen asleep at the switch," was a bitter comment that has received wide publicity.

Moreover a CDC led investigation has found mercury capable of causing neuro degenerative diseases in children. A Columbian medical institute study on rats too indicates the same. All these studies are vehemently denied and suppressed by the medical community. Any admission of guilt would lead to an avalanche of court cases that would financially cripple the medical industry besides affecting its reputation and credibility.

A CDC document has declared in December ¡2006 "no vaccine is fully safe or effective". What it does not say is why then should we continue with them? What is the rationale behind injecting newborn babies with known and studied poisons? What purpose does this madness serve? The medical community will have a lot of answering to do when finally the bubble bursts and the whole sordid business of death and disease surfaces. Already angry parents all over US, UK and Europe are calling for Nuremberg style human rights trials for the accused.

Vaccine Court concedes that vaccines cause autism
The barrage of court cases filed by parents of vaccine damaged children have been a thorn in the side of the medical zealots who push for more vaccine shots instead of putting a brake on the dangerous process and doing a proper review of the situation at hand. Of the 7800 court cases pending before the US courts, nearly 4900 have been transferred to the Vaccine Court. Hearing of the first case started last year (2007) and this year (2008) a bombshell decision boosted the hope of the activists fighting to save the lives of children. In a landmark decision the court granted compensation to an autistic child conceding that the vaccines given to the boy did trigger his autism.

The vaccine lobby is up in arms over this decision. They want a scenario where children should be maimed and killed in hordes without any decision being taken in their favour. They are busy pointing out that the case in question is the "rarest of the rare" and the child only "exhibited the symptoms of autism without being affected by the very serious disorder". In an interview Julie Gerberding, the head of the CDC, in a chilling manner, continued to express her view that vaccines are completely safe. Enraged, the parents of vaccine damaged children are marching to her office to demand for her resignation.

What is disturbing in this decision that it is not the Court but vaccine experts of the CDC who have reached the conclusion after a very detailed study.

Vaccines and adult chronic diseases.
Vaccines are today linked not only to childhood disorders but, considering the fact that they tinker with the immune system, are suspected to be behind the many autoimmune disorders like diabetes, cancers, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), intestinal disorders like IBS, IBD, paralytic symptoms like Guillain Barre Syndrome, glandular disorders, increased stress, psychiatric disorders, personality disorders and rheumatic and arthritic ailments that have assumed epidemic proportions in adults.

 They may also be behind brain diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, caused by the mercury and aluminium in vaccines, as more and more teenagers are falling a prey to these diseases all over the world. In children they are also notorious for causing eczema, asthma, meningitis, encephalopathy and epilepsy.

While the spurt in chronic cases is being attributed to defective genes, medical scientists know that genetic epidemics are impossible. Animal induced diseases are being explained by animal bites on humans in Asia and Africa. But how could such sporadic bites lead to huge epidemics that are fast engulfing the world? Clearly the role of animal serum used in vaccines and other medicines should be subject to more stringent probes.

Another angle to the vaccine-autism hypothesis:
In yet another argument the probable role of antibiotics to treat vaccine induced illnesses has been questioned. In India doctors have pointed out that only safe drugs should be used to treat such a condition but not every doctor follows this rule. Similarly injections are prohibited after a dose of the Oral Polio Vaccine as the polio may be precipitated by even such an innocuous injury but how many Indian doctors know this?

Urgent proactive action required.
It is high time the Indian public becomes aware of vaccine dangers. Steps have to be taken fast to protect the population or else we will have billions of autistic children in the next few years, tens of millions of diabetics and an yet unspecified number of cancer patients, figures that have prompted the WHO to dub India to be the disease capital of the world. 

Vaccine activists, including honest mainstream doctors, have written to the President, Prime Minister and the Health Minister demanding that there is an urgent need to conduct long term tests on vaccines by unbiased researchers. There is need for regulation including the issues of informed consent, transparency in terms of vaccine ingredients and their effects, involving the public on matters of vaccine selection, delivery and safety and also debating whether common childhood illnesses have a role in strengthening the immune system.

A physician’s warranty of vaccine safety, to assure the parents that the vaccines being injected into their babies are tested and safe, has also been submitted to the Govt for study and implementation. This warranty, if implemented, will go a long way in making the doctors acknowledge vaccine after effects, make them responsible for the same, and also educate the parents about dangers involved.

Vaccinating infants and those immunocompromised unscientific:
Whether infants should be vaccinated remains a contentious issue. At such a tender age their livers do not even secrete bile let alone tackle dangerous toxins. The kidneys too are at risk. It takes twenty developing years for the human body to be fully equipped to tackle neurotoxins, before that the protective myelin sheath around the nervous system in the body and brain is not ready.

Moreover vaccines are devised keeping in mind the mature immune system of adults while they are delivered to infants with developing and decidedly immature immunity. There is also a question of children's rights here as an unstudied disease state is introduced via vaccines before the child can take a logical decision about his health.

The only logic behind vaccinating infants is that childbirth and its aftermath and also the concerns of the parents necessitate hospital visits, which can be utilised to push the shots. Doctors are educated as to how routine visits can be converted into vaccine visits and also how to allure parents with a "promising" vaccine and to push in other vaccines into children when their parents visit the clinic lured by them. There is also a mad rush to deliver booster shots as vaccines fail to live up to the promise of "preventing" diseases.

It is known that paediatricians earn a major portion of their income from vaccines. The persons involved in policy making and distribution benefit from them in various ways. In the USA vaccine manufacturers pay millions of dollars to doctors, politicians and media personalities to advertise and push for their vaccines.

There is no scientific logic behind vaccinating sick and malnourished children, underweight babies, pregnant mothers, people with immune disorders, persons with chronic skin disorders, and children of people suffering chronic diseases thus subjecting them to a great risk.

Mercury is known to cross both the blood brain barrier as well as the placenta barrier. There should be a probe whether vaccines have a role to play behind the  huge figures of infant mortality in India.  It is on record that the menace of infant mortality in Japan and also New Zealand reduced markedly after vaccines were shifted to a more mature age. Even in India the press has reported how the infant mortality has come down in a year that saw a sharp fall in vaccine administration.

Keeping in view that the immune system gathers steam only after twelve years of age, the decision to vaccinate infants can only be condemned in the strongest possible words. 

The same doctors who push for almost 35 toxic vaccine shots into infants in India also campaign for exclusive breastfeeding upto six months as the children would not be able to tolerate anything else! Is this not a farce whose time has come?

The Govt of India has come out with an advertisement in The Hindu that asks parents to be informed prior to vaccinating their children against vaccines not listed in the Universal Immunisation Program. This has been mentioned in an article titled "Regulating Vaccines" in the January' 2007 issue of Indian Paediatrics a medical journal brought out by the IAP. The article points out, “The Government of India recently had to take out advertisements in leading newspapers cautioning the public to evaluate carefully the commercial claims of various vaccines beyond the 6 UIP vaccines."

[But this realisation has not prevented the GOI from including the Hep-B vaccine into the UIP in selected areas. One wonders about the logic as Hep-B is caused by sexual contact and blood transfusion. Moreover the effects of the vaccine wear out in seven years. This is a sure indication that the vaccine lobby has become active in govt circles as well. The latest Pioneer report (May 10th 2008) about the Health Ministry being a part of the “vaccine scam” proves this adequately.] 

As early as March' 2000 an article titled "Optional Vaccines: A Critical Appraisal" in the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics had pointed out that doctors should weigh the risks and benefits when vaccinating beyond the six vaccines recommended by the GOI under its Universal Immunisation Program. Not only the GOI, the article says, the IAP too frowns upon the "optional vaccines". However we observe the doctors following the vaccination chart of vaccine manufacturers without giving the issue any thought. This is a high-risk activity that needs to be curbed.

Of the six vaccines recommended by the Indian Government, the BCG vaccine has been criticised for being ineffective and also capable of causing TB like symptoms and pneumonia. The injected Inactive Polio Vaccine (IPV) may replace the polio drops, which have caused a lot of ill will.

However it may so happen that the poor in India may continue to receive the controversial polio drops while the rich will go in for the costly and slightly safer IPV. There is a lot of opposition to the arbitrary decision, which may see the Hepatitis B and also the Hib vaccine being included in the UIP. Doctors in India say these vaccines are not needed, as the disease is not so widely prevalent in the country. The DTP is a toxoid vaccine and is one of the most dangerous vaccines ever created. Knowledgeable parents all over the world today avoid the vaccines against measles, mumps and rubella.

The IAP had raised hopes amongst activists by promising that the vaccine adverse effects issue would be raised in their conference Pedicon 2007, held at Mumbai in the month of January' 2007. However not only was the issue not raised but the IAP has given more emphasis on vaccines as a measure to curb infant mortality. The fact that Sanofi Pasteur, a vaccine MNC, sponsored this conference must have influenced their decision. A new vaccine against diarrhoea was discussed in this conference. The vaccine in question, against Rotavirus, is already in the news for causing intestinal obstruction in children after being re-released after modifications in the USA. 

The Pedicon 2008 was held at Bhubaneswar, Orissa in January' 2008. The author had requested permission to be present in the Immunisation Workshop which is a part of the Pedicon. However his attempt to engage on the subject was discouraged.

As expected, Pedicon 2008 did not let down vaccine lovers. Sponsored mainly by GSK this time, the Rotarix vaccine and the HPV vaccine was introduced to the doctors present. In an one sided dialogue the risks were downplayed and the vaccines projected as miraculous. One wonders how the figure of millions of children coming down with deadly diarrhoea from the Rotavirus in India was derived. Where were the tests conducted?

Questions about the risks associated with the HPV were snubbed. Though it was admitted that the HPV offered immunity for only six years, this vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease was heartily recommended for children. It was also admitted that it was an experimental vaccine which would cost only Rs. 40,000 for the required three shots. Overlooking the fact that the vaccine had already caused 36 deaths as recorded in the VAERS and 1437 serious adverse effects (figures have increased since the time this was written), the only thing that the Indian doctor introducing the vaccine wanted was the price to be reduced so that the Indian medical community too could have a share of the profits for administering them.

The fact that the vaccine targeted only a few viruses of the many that could cause cervical cancer and that in a multiviral scenario the suppression of a few viruses only led to the resurgence of the other dormant viruses was blatantly ignored. The attempt of this author to point out all this and also reveal that the vaccine was based upon genetically modified viruses was cut short with a curt, "Mr Chatterjee you are not supposed to express your opinion in this forum". This is how the doctors of today look after the interest of their patients.

In this situation the honest doctors and scientists must make associations and fight because further delay will lead to a total erosion of faith in the medical community amongst the public. There are such associations like Voluntary Health Association, Medico Friends Circle, Physicians for Social Responsibility, Society for Scientific Values, etc. But these associations can ask for only cosmetic changes. In their capacity as registered doctors the members cannot ask for more. Therefore it is now time for concerned parents, responsible members of the public and activists to intervene and ensure that the health of the future generation is not severely compromised.

Various suggestions have been submitted to the immunization authorities. Prominent among them are eliminating mercury and other heavy metals from vaccines as is being done in the West, reducing the number of vaccines, shifting vaccines to an adult age, recalling vaccines for common childhood illnesses, screening children who may be susceptible to vaccine damage, having a group of unvaccinated children whose health can be compared to the vaccinated children, compensating doctors for the money they would lose as a result of lesser number of vaccines administered, and the most important, having a treatment modality ready to treat vaccine damaged children. Compensating such children, providing free treatment to them, and arranging for their rehabilitation are no less important issues.

However senior doctors have hinted that these suggestions will never be implemented. The mere acknowledgement that vaccines may cause harm will put the vaccine industry in great risk besides permanently damaging the reputation of the entire medical establishment. The governments and other reputed international bodies will have to answer many uncomfortable questions. And nobody has the sort of money that can compensate all the victims. Moreover there is no method in India for genetic screening of susceptible children. Thus the best option, they say, is to give the vaccines and try to "contain the damage".

India becoming a dumping ground for vaccines.
Facing stiff opposition in developed countries, the vaccine manufacturers are setting up base in underdeveloped nations like India, Bangladesh etc. They take advantage of the endemic corruption and the scant respect for both human rights and lives in these countries. The tests are carried out on an unsuspecting population throwing all safety protocols to the wind. Being ignorant of what is being done to them, the victims cannot press charges. Doctors are given various incentives to endorse these vaccines and then include these vaccines in the routine immunisation programmes of these countries.

Currently 15 vaccines are being researched/tested in India by a very reputed international vaccine manufacturer, ranging from anthrax to malaria. Many other manufacturers too are busy devising vaccines for cancers, dengue, measles and AIDS. There is never any report about the conditions under which the tests are being done. As the research organisations are not paid unless the products are favorably portrayed, there is every possibility of "human error" in the final report.

Doctors are up in arms about the many new vaccines that are being pushed through in India. Indian doctors have questioned the Hib vaccine, tested in Bangladesh, as it has been based on a faulty trial. The HPV vaccines' need and efficacy in India is being studied. Doctors are also opposing the Hep-B vaccine as it is being introduced based on inflated Hep-B infection figures in India, figures which have been magnified. The influenza vaccine is similarly being opposed as the disease in India is being projected as "deadly" claiming numerous victims. The chicken pox vaccine advertisement was stopped as the manufacturers promised "freedom from pockmarks", as the major benefit from the vaccine.

Currently many expensive vaccines have been launched in India despite severe adverse effects noticed after their use in the USA and Europe. Amongst them are the Rotashield, Prevnar and Gardasil. The common factor in these vaccines is that they are very expensive.

Thus it is very much evident that it is profits from vaccines, which is driving the vaccine lobby more than anything else. It is deplorable that the many adverse impacts of vaccines on unsuspecting victims is being blatantly ignored. There seems to be no ethics left in the medical community anymore. Can we at all trust these people with our lives and health?

Ex Health Minister involved in vaccine scam:
Recently, in May'2008, the Pioneer carried a series of articles alleging that then Health Minister Dr Anbumani Ramadoss favoured a person close to him in the build up to setting up a vaccine park near Chennai. Earlier The Frontline exposed how vaccine manufacturing Public Sector Units are being arbitrarily closed down to make way for the private sector and vaccine multi nationals.

These developments will further put the children of India at risk. The vaccine MNCs facing flak and court cases in their countries of origin will seek to shift base in India. Soon we will have more vaccines in the Universal Immunisation Programme exposing the malnourished and underweight rural children to more heavy metals, carcinogens, live & genetically modified viruses and various serum contaminated with animal viruses. These children ought not to receive any vaccines in the first place due to their impaired immune systems. It is thus expected that the Autism Spectrum Disorder will spread its tentacles in rural India as well.

Unless an all out effort is made to stop the controversial vaccination programme, the children of this country do not stand a chance.

Parents form groups to help the children in India.
As the medical community refuses to acknowledge that autism is a result of toxic overdose, it is the concerned parents who are studying on their own and coming out with plausible solutions . They have formed self help groups which discuss treatment modalities and how they are helping the children.

For parents wishing to keep their children away from the vaccine menace we recommend homeopathic preventives, which can be administered by any qualified homeopathic practitioner. Providing the child with essential vitamins and minerals, after the breastfeeding age, is also far better at preventing diseases than risking vaccines. The parents should take care to properly breastfeed their child from the moment of birth and ensuring that the child is fed the first yellow milk called colostrum. Breastfeeding can be continued much beyond the recommended six months, and up to two years.

The parents should preferably undergo an ayurvedic or naturopathic detoxification before conception, and go in for natural childbirth to ensure a healthy child. Holistic healing methods like homeopathy, ayurveda and naturopathy, which recommend minimum medical intervention, are the best option for infants who should not be medicated at all except in emergencies.

We wish the parents of autistic children and their well wishers all the success in their noble endeavor of attempting to help the unfortunate vaccine damage victims. If through this article we have been able to create an interest in parents to allow their children a natural and vaccine free life our efforts will be amply rewarded.

Our last word on the matter is that no vaccine is safe. To quote a medico legal expert on vaccines, "The only vaccine that is safe is the one that has not been administered." Parents would do well to keep this in mind.

Dr Leo Rebello,
Natural Health Centre, Mumbai.
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Jagannath Chatterjee,
Health & Human Rights Activist,
Member: MANITHAM, Chennai,
              Loksatta, Maharashtra/Hyderabad,
              India Force (State Head),
              Ex-Governing Body Member: Coalition for GM Free India,
              Actively involved with:       Coalition for GM Free Orissa,
                                                    Coalition for Food Safety & Sovereignty,
                                                     Pesticide Action Network,
                                                    Centre for Sustainable Agriculture,
              Trained by : Pesticide Action Network, Asia Pacific,
                                  Centre for Sustainable Agriculture.

Books :
1. The Vaccine Guide: Risks and Benefits for Children and Adults - Randall Neustaedter.
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Some vaccine ingredients Vaccines typically contain many of the following fillers:

? aluminum hydroxide
? aluminum phosphate
? ammonium sulfate
? amphotericin B
? animal tissues: pig blood, horse blood, rabbit brain,
? dog kidney, monkey kidney,
? chick embryo, chicken egg, duck egg
? calf (bovine) serum
? betapropiolactone
? fetal bovine serum
? formaldehyde
? formalin
? gelatin
? glycerol
? human diploid cells (originating from human aborted fetal tissue)
? hydrolized gelatin
? thimerosol (contains 50% mercury by weight)
? monosodium glutamate (MSG)
? neomycin
? neomycin sulfate
? phenol red indicator
? phenoxyethanol (antifreeze)
? potassium diphosphate
? potassium monophosphate
? polymyxin B
? polysorbate 20
? polysorbate 80
? porcine (pig) pancreatic hydrolysate of casein
? residual MRC5 proteins
? sorbitol
? sucrose
? tri(n)butylphosphate,
? VERO cells, a continuous line of monkey kidney cells,
? washed sheep red blood 

Acknowledgement: The authors are highly grateful to Sheri Nakken, homeopath, Dr Paul G King, Dr Herman Fudenberg, the journals of NVIC, TAAP, also autistic persons and parents of autistic children for their invaluable help and feedback. We are also indebted to eminent doctors from India who helped us in various ways with their suggestions and corrections and who wish to remain anonymous. Thanks are also due to Barrett Bates, an American friend of the authors for providing books, videos and articles that are not available in India. 
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"Vaccination wastes resources, gives false hope and distracts attention from what needs to be done." - Dr Surinder Bakshi, Consultant Communicable Diseases, UK, the Sunday Times,15 April 2001.