Vaccination - Stifling the truth

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Damage Control.
* Nobody knew what virus was present in the small pox vaccine - Ignore
* Small pox disappeared in regions where the vaccine was refused - Hide
* Small pox vaccine was known to cause long list of serious diseases ranging from cancer to AIDS - Deny
* The DPT vaccine caused a wave of serious life long disabilities in children - Move on
* Leo Kanner mentioned the first autistic children were vaccinated - Hide
* Vaccine manufacturers pleaded to stop manufacturing vaccines as they could not ensure safety - Nothing here
* Vaccine manufacturers provided legal immunity - What?
* US Supreme Court declares vaccines Unavoidably Unsafe - Boo
* Vaccine injury compensation crosses $ 4 billion - So what?
* Vaccine Court compensates 85 cases of vaccine induced autism (named encephalopathy) - Censor
* Court Autism Expert concedes vaccines cause Autism - Look away
* Father of vaccines Stanley Plotkin confesses to aborted fetal cells in vaccines, harm, illegal experiments - None of your business
* Vaccine multinationals pay US Senators mandating vaccines - Routine stuff
* Expert lies about vaccine harm to Senate - Shut up
* Indian Govt concedes 10, 612 deaths, reveals more than 600,000 adverse effects per year - Coincidence
* High Court in India instructs Govt to advertise adverse effects and take written consent – Silence
*Italian investigation finds extensive vaccine contamination, lack of vaccine antigens – Make vaccines compulsory
* Disease outbreaks in fully vaccinated populations - Ascribed to unvaccinated
* Nuremberg Code prescribes right to refuse medical interventions - WHO decides to deny 

* Health disappears from the world - WHO gears up to fulfill drug and vaccine targets
* CDC owns vaccine patents. Has for profit wing funded by vaccine and drug manufacturers - No conflict of interest
* Software magnate Bill Gates becomes the world's health counselor - His money looks good
* Elite don't vaccinate their children - Conspiracy theory