Vaccination: Questions Answered.

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1. What made you believe that vaccinations are doing more harm than good?

I was severely injured by the MMR vaccine in the year 1979 at the age of 17 that was administered to me according to the verbal order of a doctor. I suffered multiple sclerosis, bipolar disorder, severe damage to the gut, pancreas and liver, and developed huge memory problems. I started regressing from the very night the vaccine was given to me. However my plea that the vaccine was behind my illness was repeatedly ignored and I was asked to shut up. With the help of my friends who had entered medical colleges I came in contact with doctors and immunologists who believed me. Despite my severe illness from which I am yet to recover I started reading up on the subject with their help and after convincing myself that vaccines were neither safe nor effective I started campaigning against them since 1985. Initially I wrote extensively to doctors and medical institutions. However as the response from them was tepid and often negative despite the facts I presented I decided to go public on the issue which I did from the year 2000. Today I am joined by many from the profession who silently work behind the scenes as being dubbed an anti-vaxxer would severely limit their careers. I have personally met many doctors from very reputed medical associations in groups and individually and presented the case before them. They have silently listened to me. I am convinced that our senior doctors know that vaccines are a menace and that they carry serious risks that are blatantly ignored. However a flourishing trade, peer pressure, and targets set by the industry and government makes them toe the line. Our doctors are today unfortunately tools to achieve vaccine targets and have lost the power to have their own opinion on the subject. They are not taught about vaccine adverse effects and when they encounter it in life they are told it is a coincidence or that some children have to be sacrificed for the greater good; that the benefits exceed the risks. But sadly no person or institution is looking at whether it is true. The industry has a very firm grip and decides everything in its favour. Dissenters are dealt with very firmly to set an example before others so they fall in line.

2. Which vaccinations do what kind of harms, could you elaborate on it?
All vaccines harm. The harm is in plain sight as the vaccination package inserts are forced to declare both harm observed in clinical trials and also harm reported after administration. The harm is mostly because of the nature of the ingredients in them. The declared ingredients are ethylmercury and aluminium, formaldehyde, a bevy of chemicals and antibiotics, serum from human, avian and animal subjects, human aborted fetal cells, cow monkey dog pig insect and chick cells, toxoids, bacteria and live viruses. Undeclared are contaminants that are inevitable when serum is used. These are mostly viral in nature. Also have been found are traces of various metals whose presence may be due to their use in the process like cadmium and lead, or due to the use of stainless steel and glass utensils and vials. The latex rubber in caps used in vials also shows up as a vaccine contaminant. Other metals like copper, tungsten, and traces of uranium have been observed. Their origin remains a mystery. It is very difficult for the resultant mixture not to harm the person injected. Immunotoxicity, inflammation, allergy and autoimmunity is the invariable result. Anaphylaxis kills instantly. The others translate to chronic diseases. All our modern day diseases are covered in the 248 diseases and disorders so far attributed to vaccines as per published scientific studies. And this is the tip of the iceberg as there is no political will to impartially investigate vaccines. Our children are the best witness as today they suffer from all the illnesses that were earlier observed only in adults and the elderly. The harm is blatantly ignored. The deaths can no longer be ascribed to any vaccine as the reporting protocol has been revised by the WHO ever since the Pentavalent vaccine was observed to be causing widespread deaths that were difficult to ignore. In the USA vaccines were provided legal immunity in 1986 and declared unavoidably unsafe by the Supreme Court in 2011. It has been revealed that the mandatory annual vaccine safety reports have not been submitted even once in the last 32 years. They have a vaccine adverse effect reporting system that records around 1% of cases and a sum of $ 4.03 billion has so far been paid as compensation to the few cases that could be decided in a special vaccine court. A cess of 75 cents in every vaccine goes towards the compensation fund. In India there is no system of compensation and clinical trial results are not disclosed as they would "alarm the public". An RTI query in 2018 has revealed that 10,612 deaths were caused by the government programme in between 2008 and 2018 and that 600,000 adverse effects are recorded every year. However the government ascribes this to coincidence arguing that the children would have died or suffered anyway, the vaccines simply coincided with the time they would have died or suffered. There is no endeavour to follow up to know about long term effects. There is no system to regulate the private sector who give 15 more vaccines. Whistleblower Dr Vipin Vashisth, very senior IAP member, who has authored the books on vaccines published by the IAP has highlighted this. As a result he was physically assaulted in an IAP conference and subsequently expelled from the IAP. The IAP and its members are heavily dependent on vaccine commissions, incentives and donations from the vaccine industry and their associations. They have a clear conflict of interest they ought not to have.

3. Why do you think more people should give up the idea of getting vaccinated?

Parents have the right to informed consent. As per a recent Delhi High Court order deciding on the MR vaccine campaign parents ought to be educated on all the risks from vaccines and express written consent obtained before vaccinating the children. The campaign had to be stopped in Delhi simply because no parent would agree if all risks are declared. They have to contest the order and win to vaccinate. Thus vaccination is based upon ignorance. Both parents and those involved in the programme are ignorant and also biased. With knowledge and scientific inquiry vaccines would disappear. Today’s emerging knowledge about the microbiome, mycobiome, epigenetics, and immunotoxicity forbids vaccines and also explains the way they are responsible for the epidemics of chronic diseases and disorders we observe in society today. Also research on chronic diseases and cancers has revealed that febrile eruptive and inflammatory diseases in childhood protect from chronic degenerative diseases including cancers later in life. Today the measles, mumps, chicken pox, and polio viruses are being used successfully to treat cancers. Thus childhood illnesses have a purpose and vaccines harm; both are established knowledge.

4. Social media like Facebook is increasingly barring content related to anti-vaccination these days, what is your opinion on it?

It is thanks to the social media that parents and doctors have been able to interact, voice their personal experience and concerns and come to know about the various issues surrounding vaccination. This is exactly why the industry and its lobbyists are crying foul. In the USA the industry is lobbying politicians and media magnates to put an end to vaccine discussions in the social media and prohibit sale of critical vaccination books and videos on sites like Amazon. This is atrocious and is a huge threat to public health and the welfare of our children. We need to fight it tooth and nail. A profitable pharmaceutical product and the industry pushing it should not dictate state policy.

5. Are there any medication that you would like to suggest instead of getting vaccination?

In India around independence our doctors had suggested public health measures like sanitation, hygiene, nutrition, better housing and civic planning and poverty eradication to achieve health. Also suggested was that holistic sciences should be the mainstay and modern medicine should be restricted to an emergency measure. The campaign was picked up by the likes of Mahatma Gandhi and C Rajagopalachari who also critically questioned the small pox and tuberculosis vaccines. As a result of this initiative the tuberculosis vaccine was subjected to a 15 year test by the ICMR in what is today known famously as the Chingleput Trial and found 0% effective. But the industry prevailed and forced its continuance. The small pox vaccine had a very high death rate and introduced several very serious diseases into society like cancers, mental disorders, tuberculosis, syphilis and leprosy which was highlighted by Mahatma Gandhi who declared himself anti vaccine. The ingredients of the small pox vaccine and the process of manufacture shocked him. Today with the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and the emphasis on AYUSH we are moving towards that goal. Now it is time for the medical profession to come clean on the vaccine issue and let the public decide: After all a system of medicine cannot ignore the voices of its subjects. It has proven itself to be the most corrupt industry and lost credibility. Maybe with the vaccine issue it can redeem itself and reform to emerge as a curative force instead of encouraging disease to grow and profit from.