Vaccination 2021-25 Plan. Surrender or else...

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Raise your arms - in surrender.
GAVI is gearing up for the new strategy on vaccines unfazed by the swarm of scandalous events that have engulfed this popular depop tool.
- Hep B reiterated for the new born
- Rabies vaccine to be given for "suspected dog bites"
- IPV strategy now means replacing the Pentavalent with the Polio vaccine containing Hexavalent. A killer more potent.
And of course it will all be mandatory with the "right to refuse" taken away.
Very soon the adult vaccine campaign will be launched says a friend who is a part of the industry. TD, Hep A and B, HPV, Annual Flu vaccine, Rabies vac will spearhead the "essential" campaign. The TD will replace the TT in pregnancy. With an excuse to reduce neonatal mortality more vaccines can assault the pregnant woman. The geriatric market is as promising as the pediatric. There are also discussions regarding automatically vaccinating hospitalized patients. UPS has declared it will despatch nurses with vaccines to households to vaccinate adults. Merck says it will support. Amazon which is now heavily into online pharmaceuticals may follow suit. Nurses are wary their jobs may require more than the Flu and Hep B jabs. We may soon hear exciting news regarding the Ebola vaccine. A BCG vaccine waits on the wings. Bill Gates has invested heavily in the universal flu vaccine. A vaccine for common cold is in the offing. Nipah and West Nile Virus offer promising new opportunities.
Population stabilization is now openly population downsizing as speakers in recent forums have revealed. The world needs less people. That reminds me of the Talwar anti- fertility vaccine I left out. The TD - tetanus diptheria vaccine? Both are excellent carriers for infertility agents.
The marketing arm is ready. We just need to raise our arms. In surrender.