The unruly child.

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"I have an extremely unruly child"

When faced with such statements I always respond with, "How many vaccines have you taken during pregnancy, did you have a normal childbirth, and how many vaccines have you administered to your child?" The parents of unruly children are usually very proud of their "scientific outlook". Many of them describe to what extent they have gone to give all the available vaccines to their children. How can these parents expect their children to be responsible and obedient? Peace in the womb, natural delivery, a normal growth along with exposure to normal childhood ailments, a toxin free childhood are essential for the proper growth of the child. A child exposed to the most corrosive toxins present in vaccines during pregnancy and childhood, burdened with a defective immune system, deprived of the exposure to the mother's vaginal microbiome along with other benefits of natural childbirth, denied the detoxification offered by childhood ailments, and deprived of toxin free extended breastfeeding will never grow up to be normal. Parents with a 'scientific outlook' must know how to differentiate between science and commerce.