Remembering children lost to vaccination

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1. Remembering a child lost to vaccination.

On the 23rd of February 2012, I lost a 12 year old friend. I do not even have the permission to write his name on my wall. He breathed his last at 11:29PM on that day in the ICU of a five star hospital in my city, Bhubaneswar.
Two years earlier, when he was 10, he suffered minor scratches from a fall from his bicycle. I objected vehemently when his family members wanted to give him a tetanus shot. But they gave him anyway. He was soon dragging his feet and I suspected the beginnings of the dreaded Guillain Barre Syndrome. I fought with his doctor but he said this was "normal". But they admitted this "normal" child into a pediatric hospital and battled his "normal illness" for 16 days.
He then suffered from acute arthritis in that very leg. I advised his mother to keep him on ayurveda. His family however, after a year and a half when his condition expectedly worsened, took him to another pediatrician. He kept him, unknown to the family, on steroids and chemotherapy! When he ultimately fell sick each and every hospital in the city refused him admission till he collapsed and was taken to the ICU of a corporate hospital and kept on a ventilator. We prayed for his death as we knew that if he slipped into a coma, the entire family would be ruined just to try and keep him alive. All the doctors of our city agreed to what we did.
Fortunately this child breathed his last at 11:29PM on the 23rd of February. He was cremated that night in Puri.
His mother has already lost her husband. This was her only child. This child of 12 was my friend.
Tomorrow I will write about how a small child died even after I repeatedly informed her parents that her illness was due to vaccines and that she should not be vaccinated anymore.

2. Story of a girl who died from vaccines;

Yesterday I had promised to write about a girl child who died because her parents refused to listen to my warnings.
It was in the year 2009 or maybe 2010. I came across a family living near my office. They had a small child who was extremely charming. However when I was playing with the child I noticed she would sometimes become flustered and would switch off and become a little panicky at times. It struck me as odd. I inquired from the parents whether she was being vaccinated. They assured me that they were doing their best and that the child was getting all her shots. I told them maybe it was not a good idea. I also told them I was not comfortable seeing an otherwise calm child getting panicky and flustered all of a sudden. The parents said they noticed it too but their doctor said it was normal and nothing to worry about. My colleague who was with me signalled to me I should not talk to them anymore. When I asked her later why she did that she replied the girls father was a pharmacist and that the mothers father was a chief district medical officer. I instinctively feared for the child.
It was some months before I could see the child again. I could instantly notice that her skin was discoloured in patches and that the child was not her usual chirpy self. When I inquired the mother said the doctor attributed it to an ayurvedic oil they were applying on the child and had asked to stop it. I asked for it and saw it was Vit A D oil. I once again told the parents that vaccinating the child was not a good idea. They stared at me and said nothing. My instinct told me the child was in danger. But I could sense the parents were not ready to listen to me.
A year passed by. I had told my colleague who stayed near the family to keep an eye on the child. One day she suddenly called me, the child is acting crazy please come. I immediately rushed. I found the mother crying and when I saw the child I felt my hands and feet go cold. The child was in a state of complete shock. It was simply staring ahead, her eyes agape, and shivering all over. Her face was like she was seeing a ghost in front of her. She had been like this the whole night. I immediately asked if she had received any vaccine recently. Her mother simply said, yesterday morning.
I was angry; very angry. I immediately called up the IAP state head. I had already told him earlier about the child. This time I blasted him. We argued for around 40 minutes over phone. He simply refused to take responsibility. But he spoke to the mother and took down the name of the pediatrician attending to the child. After I put down the phone I told the parents firmly that vaccines should stop if they wanted their child to live. They had listened to my conversation with the IAP chief. They appeared in two minds. I told the mother I wanted to meet her father - the CDMO. She hesitated and told me, he is a very strict and adamant person. I said I had seen many such people and I was not bothered. But they did not give his number.
In the night when I was at home I received a call from the childs pediatrician. He was very polite. What was the vaccine, I asked him. The Pentavalent, he replied. Man, I told him, are you crazy? Do you know it is killing children the world over? Yes, he admitted, but those deaths have not been linked to the vaccine. I told him if you give another shot I will report you. He said he was not bothered, I could do what I wanted. I kept down the phone.
Next day I prepared a dossier and handed it over to the parents. Show this to your CDMO father I told the mother, and I beg of you please do not vaccinate again. This strategy too did not work. The CDMO went through the papers but he reposed trust on the vaccines. Vaccines are essential, it seems he said. I mentally gave up on the child. I am sorry little one, I thought, I have failed to protect you.
The child continued to suffer. Hospitalization became the norm. The parents went from one doctor to another. I learnt later that the child was diagnosed with a serious immune system disorder. I wanted to see the child but my colleague dissuaded me. You cannot bear to see the condition of the child. It has completely transformed.
The child was taken to the AIIMS, Delhi. I called up a doctor I knew there and giving him the name of the child asked him if he could do something. It is a ocean here, he said, but I will try to locate the child. I did not hear from him again. I later heard the child was admitted in an immunology institute. They probably gave their verdict that it was a hopeless case. The next call I received was my colleague telling me that the child had passed away. I called up the IAP chief and congratulated him.
The mother of the child lost her mental balance and had to be admitted. Yet another child lost, another family ruined because of a medical miracle. The IAP chief is now the owner of a flourishing pediatric hospital.