Refuting WHO's stance that anti-vaxxers are a global threat.

By Ashley Everly
Addressing the inaccuracies in the following article:…/are-anti-vaxxers-a-major-health-threat-…?
Statement: “To many, the idea that exposure to an illness might confer protection seemed counterintuitive, but the mechanisms and benefits of vaccinations have been borne out by science.”
🏻My response: Unfortunately, vaccine efficacy is not supported by solid, unbiased science. The vaccine efficacy claim is based on the assumption that antibodies equate to immunity. Research shows that the complete immune response to a pathogen is not just an antibody response, but consists of a much wider array of immunological actions (1, 2, 3). This is why any antibodies created in response to a vaccine, wane with time, and most adults are no longer considered immune to the diseases they were vaccinated for as children (4, 5, 6, 7, 8).
In addition, the claims of safety are not based on double-blind placebo studies, but on comparing the adverse event rate of a new vaccine to that of an old vaccine, or to the aluminum adjuvant present in the new vaccine (9, 10, 11). This is not sound science. The foundation of proof that vaccines are beneficial was laid by the vaccine manufacturers themselves who have sought to gain billions of dollars each year off of the media hype of a new “outbreak”. The market for vaccines is $50 billion per year (12, 13). The news media itself is heavily funded by the pharmaceutical industry and manufacturers of vaccines, and therefore any research or new information that casts a negative light on their products is rarely reported (14, 15).
Statement: “The WHO notes that vaccination is one of the most cost-effective ways to ward off disease, preventing between two and three million deaths every year.”
My response: First, these claims are not based on science comparing the health outcomes of unvaccinated individuals to vaccinated ones, in the event of exposure to a virus or bacterium. The WHO and the CDC have never performed a study comparing unvaccinated individuals to vaccinated ones (16). These claims are instead based on manipulated statistics, assumptions, and guesstimates. For example, while the polio vaccine is administered in droves in third world countries, and the WHO claims to have eradicated polio, one of the major side effects of the polio vaccine itself is “non-polio paralysis”. These adverse events are not reported by the WHO, and we, the people, are not told about them. However, if you do enough digging you will find news reports from those third world countries about these incidents (17, 18). What is the efficacy of the polio vaccine to prevent paralysis, if one of the side effects of the vaccine is paralysis itself? Easy, they just label this unwanted effect, “non-polio paralysis”. Then they can report that they’ve successfully eradicated polio and that their vaccine is effective.
Second, a healthy, nutrient-dense, unprocessed diet, filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, plus proper hygiene, sanitary living conditions, and clean drinking water, are the most cost-effective ways to ward off both acute and chronic illness. These were the true reasons for the major decline in infectious disease mortality in the US since 1850 (when the sewer system was invented) - not vaccination. Mortality from infectious disease in the 1900s had already declined by nearly 93% before the 1950s, before vaccines came onto the scene (19, 20, 21).
However, vaccine manufacturers have been happy to take credit while the false claim that vaccines saved us from dying of these diseases continues to be repeated and inaccurately reported. Due to all of the previously stated important public health measures that were implemented, measles was considered a benign childhood rite of passage prior to the introduction of the vaccine, in the 60s (22, 23).
Statement: “But skepticism persists, thanks in large part to a fraudulent 1998 study from a researcher named Andrew Wakefield. The attorneys representing parents in a lawsuit against measles vaccine manufacturers paid Wakefield to fabricate evidence showing that the vaccines were linked to autism. Despite the fact that the paper was quickly retracted and Wakefield was found guilty of professional misconduct and had his medical license revoked, anti-vaccination sentiment has only become more entrenched in the years since.”
🏻My response: These unfortunate untruths about Wakefield, are what is fabricated. I will address so important points below:
(1) His study was not fraudulent. Wakefield never fabricated any data and the parents of the autistic children in his study attest to it and support him (24). Wakefield brought a defamation suit against the reporter who originally made claims like this against him.
👉🏻 From Wakefield himself: “The opportunity to expose [Brian] Deer and the [British Medical Journal] in defamation proceedings was denied on a jurisdictional technicality in Travis County Court, Texas. They were desperate not to face trial after their case fell apart during the deposition of Jane Smith, deputy editor of the BMJ. When their Dallas-based lawyers realized they had been lied to by their clients, one actually stormed out of the room… Their case was in tatters and they knew it. If [I am a] fraud, why the wish to have the entire case laid bare in court?” (25)
(2) Wakefield’s paper never stated that vaccines cause autism (26). He stated that further research is needed to investigate a possible relationship between the MMR and chronic enterocolitis. Here is the actual quote from his paper: “We have identified a chronic enterocolitis in children that may be related to neuropsychiatric dysfunction. In most cases, onset of symptoms was after measles, mumps, and rubella immunisation. Further investigations are needed to examine this syndrome and its possible relation to this vaccine.”
(3) That same year, in 1998, the CVI strategic plan (Children’s Vaccine Initiative) was introduced by the WHO and one of the stated goals of the WHO, supported by the vaccine industry, was to push more combination vaccines (27). Wakefield had made a recommendation of making the MMR available as separate vaccines in order to take an extra precaution for vulnerable children, and this presented a problem for the industry.
(4) Wakefield worked with twelve other scientists on this paper. The one scientist who had the funds available to appeal his license removal, won his appeal in court and had his license reinstated (28).
(5) Wakefield’s paper on the gut-brain connection has been supported by further research, being replicated and confirmed many times over (29, 30).
Statement: “Last year in the United States, anti-vaccine "hot spots" cropped up in a dozen states including Arizona, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Texas, and, as a result, measles outbreaks are also on the rise. And it's not just a problem in the U.S.: Around the world, there was a 30 percent rise in measles cases in 2017 from the year before, according to the WHO, with the disease making a resurgence in countries that were on the verge of eradicating it.”
🏻My response: Where is the data showing that measles outbreaks cropped up where these anti-vaccine “hotspots” exist (where parents aren’t vaccinating their children)? Without the data, this comes across as assumptive, and demonizes parents who have vaccine-injured children and have chosen not to vaccinate for many valid reasons. However, if measles outbreaks are occurring, and measles is so deadly, where are the reports of deaths from measles in the news during these outbreaks? How come there has only been one official death from measles in the US in the last 15 years, all while measles outbreaks have occurred every year, infants included (31, 32)? That one death was an individual who was fully vaccinated for measles, was chronically ill, and was taking immunosuppressant medication. The medical professionals didn’t even recognize that she had measles until it was too late (33).
As I mentioned earlier, the majority of the adult population is not considered immune to measles due to waning immunity from the MMR vaccine. Unless you have contracted measles naturally, you do not have lifetime immunity. Therefore, while we have a high rate of vaccination compliance in the younger population, most adults between the ages of 25-55 are essentially “unvaccinated”. That’s one reason why there are measles outbreaks in fully vaccinated populations (34, 35, 36). Technically, there should be outbreaks all over the US, but there aren’t. This is another way the vaccine industry takes credit for something they didn’t do. And when there are outbreaks, it’s easy to blame parents who choose not to vaccinate, regardless of the data.
The presence of viruses circulating within any population are known to wax, and then wane naturally with time, and with improved nutrition and vitamin A sufficiency in a higher portion of the population, the measles virus became much less virulent. While the measles virus was waning, the vaccine took credit for reduced incidence. It’s easy to see once you compare measles incidence graphs to something like typhoid fever, the incidence of which declined and died out at the same time, without widespread vaccination (37).
To add to that, the MMR vaccine itself is a live virus vaccine which is capable of causing measles infection in the vaccinated person (38).
Thank goodness we now know that vitamin A effectively treats measles, even for children living in developed nations, who are not vitamin A deficient prior to infection (39, 40).
Statement: “[T]elling the stories of children sick with measles, mumps, or rubella using words and pictures did have an effect, especially on those most skeptical of vaccines' safety and effectiveness," Collins wrote. On average, people were about a quarter of a point more pro-vaccine after seeing those stories, while the most skeptical—those in the bottom third on the initial vaccine attitudes score—were about six-tenths of a point more in favor of vaccination."
🏻My response: Sadly, most people are driven to make decisions based on fear, and fear sells vaccines (41). Education, on the other hand, promotes confidence and sound decision-making. Parents should be educated on how to treat these infections and prevent complications if they are contracted. Unfortunately, the public’s dependence on the medical system is essential for the industry to continue to thrive financially (42).
Statement: “[Vaccines'] success in eliminating deadly and disfiguring diseases has in part contributed to the recent push-back against childhood vaccinations. Parents worry less about the horrifying symptoms of measles that they've never witnessed than the dozens of inevitable pin pricks and potential fevers their children will endure during the vaccination process.”
🏻My response: Parents in the 1960s, prior to the introduction of vaccines, were not afraid of measles. I encourage you to watch the Brady Bunch episode where the entire family gets measles. It’s the running joke of the entire show (43). When I was a child, chicken pox was considered routine. Now it is considered a major cause for alarm. The media misinformation, hype, and fear-mongering surrounding “vaccine preventable diseases” can only be considered propaganda to push more and more vaccines for the benefit of the industry, once you educate yourself on this subject. The reality is that these diseases are treatable and parents who educate themselves understand that serious adverse events or injuries from vaccines are not as uncommon as claimed. Adverse events, however, are hardly ever reported due to the lack of awareness on the part of medical professionals, who are not educated about vaccine adverse events as they do not learn about adverse events or even vaccine ingredients in medical school (44, 45, 46).
Statement: “Unsure of what to do and whom to listen to, many seek answers to their questions elsewhere, or simply rely on their gut feeling, without speaking to those one would presume to be the most qualified to provide science-based guidance specifically tailored to the patient's own values and cultural sensitivities.”
🏻My response: I chose to vaccinate my son, when I was not fully informed. Once he was injured by vaccines, I began to do much more research on the subject. It was only then, when I found out that the scientific literature on vaccine adverse events was much more damning than we were led to believe, did I then choose to no longer vaccinate. Most parents do not choose this based on a gut feeling, they choose it because they witnessed their child being harmed, or even killed by, a set of vaccines. Yes, even the federal government, via the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, has financially compensated families of infants who have died of “SIDS”, as a result of vaccination (47). Parents who don’t vaccinate are typically educated, with college degrees, and well-researched on the subject of vaccines (48).
There is a huge misconception that doctors and pediatricians are qualified to provide science-based guidance on vaccines. Most do not know what the ingredients are and are not aware of the research which has found vaccines are able to cause serious adverse events to develop, days, weeks, months, or even years post-vaccination. Sound impossible? Please research “MMF” or “ASIA” - autoimmune disease - in connection to aluminum adjuvants used in vaccines (49).
In addition, doctors are financially compensated for administering vaccines, and may not receive bonuses if they have patients who are not fully vaccinated by a certain age (50). This, plus their lack of education on adverse events and their deeply held belief that vaccines are safe, causes them to typically defend the safety and efficacy of vaccines regardless of the evidence against them or how many parents come forward questioning a vaccine’s role in the development of their child’s declining health condition. This causes parents to rightly question whether or not their doctors know what is best for their child, because doctors typically refuse to listen to or validate reasonable concerns that parents have when vaccine safety is called into question.
Any other pharmaceutical drug or procedure is recognized to not come without potential serious adverse events. But for some reason, this is not understood to be the case with vaccines. It sends the message that vaccines cannot be questioned... which is unfortunately, true.
Statement: “That's why the WHO is dedicated to supporting health workers on the ground all over the world as it confronts this and other top health threats of 2019. "Health workers, especially those in communities, remain the most trusted advisor and influencer of vaccination decisions…”
🏻My response: Unfortunately, the WHO is heavily influenced by the pharmaceutical industry. When the people of Haiti were devastated by Hurricane Matthew in 2016, they had no food or clean water to drink. Instead of sending those vital necessities, they sent a million doses of the cholera vaccine (51). It’s highly questionable if the WHO ultimately cares most about human health or about pushing an agenda. Again, the WHO has had a strategic plan in place to push more and more vaccines, since 1998, and one of their key objectives has been to create and expand the demand for vaccines. Another is to promote “respect for and protection of intellectual property”, to increase the financial incentive for vaccine manufacturers to make more vaccines (52). It worked. The CDC schedule has tripled since the 1980s, from 24 doses of vaccines to 70+ doses by age 18 (53, 54).
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