Rebuilding India requires common sense and will

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What needs to be done?
Many of us know the solutions to today's glaring problems. I believe our "experts" know too. But they feed off a system that aggravates problems to fulfil a vile agenda;
- We need to move away from the "growth model", excess consumption and hoarding mentality, from greed to need based
- International agencies must be shown the door
- There should be rational use of natural resources
- Forests should be regenerated as per their original composition; mono plantation is not a solution
- Polluting industries need to go
- All efforts must be directed towards removing the after effects of pollution on air and resources
- Alternative natural energy sources must be tapped
- Agriculture must become organic, soil health oriented, diversified and sustainable. No to monocultures. Cows and bulls, ducks and hens need to return to agriculture
- Mass production of meat and eggs must be curbed. Animals need to be humanely treated and thanked for their produce 
- There should be reverse migration from cities to rural areas. This will solve the "population problem"
- The modern model of medicine needs to transform itself from the chemical model to the biological model, from engineering to humanity approach, from targets to commitments, from profits to results, and be restricted to emergencies in its reformed avatar
- Corporate hospitals need to be taken over and reformed
- Holistic systems and the knowledge of naturopathy must be available to one and all. Swasth India campaign needs to be launched 
- Vaccines need to be banned with immediate effect; Absolutely no compromise on this issue. If needed we are ready to hold public debates on the subject. We can no longer allow this secretive, non transparent, unscientific, depopulation, disease and disability causing tool
- The education system must be nature oriented, man making, health oriented and moral
- Spiritual education must be available. A return to nature will automatically instil values in people
- Tribal populations should have their own system of education, be able to preserve their indigenous cultures, and remain as custodians of nature and forests. The process of converting them to other religions must be strictly curtailed
- Local governance systems must be strengthened both in urban and rural settings. They must be apolitical
- Dishonesty should have no place in a civilized society. Reforming health and education will ensure an honest and upright population
I may be corrected if I am wrong.