Dr Christiane Northrup, MD opens up on vaccines

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Dr Christiane Northop
For the record and for those of you who haven’t been around as long as I have.. here goes..
For my entire career as a physician, I have attempted to educate my patients and my community about issues that were not mainstream at all at the time..Examples: routine circumcision, over diagnosis of DCIS from mammograms, the need for DHA fats for brain health in infants that is in Breast milk and was not in baby formula until the last few decades, the need to supplement with folate in pregnancy to prevent neural tube defects, the fact that HPV is cleared naturally by the body 90% of the time, the role of optimal levels of vitamin D, and the fact that hormones not native to the female body ( like Provera) have untoward effects that can be dangerous and that there are far safer alternatives for menopausal relief.
None of these views were popular or well accepted at the time. One radiologist spit at me on stage and told me how dangerous I was when I suggested (years ago) that mammograms were overdiagnosing so-called cancer and resulting in too much unnecessary and dangerous treatment. Over time my views
on these things have become far more accepted by the mainstream as public opinion and increasing numbers of studies have shifted beliefs.
My position on vaccines hasn’t changed in 40 years. I advocate optimal immunity and all the ways we can improve it , not ever increasing numbers of vaccines ( now up to 72 by age 18 according to the CDC schedule). Congress excused vaccine manufacturers from all liability back in 1986. No other industry has ever had this unquestioned support to do whatever they want without adequate testing or oversight. The CDC recommended number of vaccines has tripled since then. And the CDC is paid millions by vaccine manufacturers to promote them. It is NOT an unbiased organization at all. Most people don’t know this. And since then, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) (VAERS) points out that 4 billion dollars has been paid out to families of vaccine injured children. This organization reports that only about 1 % of vaccine injuries are ever reported. Why are we so quick to dismiss the suffering of those who have been harmed by vaccines? And vilify those of us who question their safety.. especially at the current rate?
Read the package inserts on vaccine ingredients and the potential adverse effects. It is all right there in plain sight. And none have ever been studied in combination or cumulatively. Yet infants are being given 5-11 at one time! My home state of Maine, like so many others, is about to hear a bill making many vaccines mandatory for school, day care, etc. Yet there hasn’t been a single case of measles reported here (except one Canadian visitor) in 17 years. This narrative.. that we’re all about to die from a major epidemic .. is being drive by fear and also huge amounts of money being paid to push the Pharma agenda. And for the record, China has a 99%vaccination rate. Yet they , like the US , have pockets of measles outbreaks. 26,000 cases reported in one study. Why? Because no vaccine is 100% effective. Lifetime immunity from getting a disease is entirely different. You are protected for life. When it comes to measles, mumps, etc, evidence shows that vaccines don’t give you lifetime immunity. I believe this is connected to the fact that more than 50% of children in the US now have a chronic disease. All these vaccines have messed up our natural immunity . And studies have verified this as you can see in the post from the immunologist below.
Back in the late 80’s, early 90’s, women were banned from some doctors practices if they refused to take conventional hormone replacement. The belief that hormones were the key to heart disease prevention was so strong that doctors pushed it on everyone. (And the Pharma position was huge then too) If you questioned the narrative, you were shamed. The huge women’s health initiative changed all that, however... when a well designed study (finally) showed that when Premarin and Provera were used for hormone replacement, the risks outweighed the benefits. We need these same kinds of studies with individual vaccines. They are not likely to be done given the current political and medical climate. But simply pointing this truth out is now increasingly being censored.
Okay.. I’m done.