Dr B M Hegde: What medicine ought to be

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What medicine ought to be
- Dr B M Hegde
Science has advanced by leaps and bounds. With the latest science the following conclusions could be drawn which seems to be true today.
• Human body is not a machine put together by joining organs together. Human body is a bundle of energy and a colony of 129 trillion human cells, each one of which can live like a human being in isolation. We also are home to ten times that number of germ cells at a ratio of 1:10.
• The human body works as whole and not in bits and pieces.
• Healing has to be Whole Person Healing. (WPH) This is now scientifically accepted by the IOM in USA, thanks to Late Professor Rustum Roy’s efforts. Organs cannot be treated in isolation.
• In a dynamic system, future prediction is impossible, unless we know the total initial state of the organism, which is impossible. Weather predictions never come right, butterfly effect is the rule. Writing in the British Medical Journal, Professor WJ Firth, a physicist, shows how foolish it is for doctors to predict the unpredictable future of their patients. (BMJ 1991; 303: 1565)
• Evolution is not Darwinian-Mendelian but is Lamarckian. The genes play a secondary fiddle, as there are only 23,000 human genes in our genome, with two and half trillion germ genes. Epigenetics is the order of the day.
Scientists and rationalists condemn our poor astrologers for predicting human future. The same people do not condemn this kind of quackery? Why this double standards? In fact the latter is more dangerous as it is done in the name of that hallowed word-“Science”.