Agriculture & Health: Similarities are ignored.

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The current crisis in agriculture and health are exactly similar - and as we are aware, are engineered by the same forces.

When we approach farmers who have become accustomed to chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides and tell them that they have to move away from these inputs so they can reduce pest attacks, increase the fertility of the soil, and get better produce through a diversified crop they at first express surprise. "We apply more and more of these inputs and yet we face increased pest attacks and our production is going down, and you are telling us we need to give none! How will we survive?" This is the same reaction we face when we tell people we need to move away from drugs and processed foods and move closer to nature and real food to achieve health.

But when the farmers grudgingly accept our instructions, adopt organic inputs, and move away from mono cropping systems and adopt crop rotation and diversify their crops they start seeing results in three to four years and then they realize they are benefiting both ways, their input costs go down and their productivity increases. Also their own health and that of their family improves and they save on medical costs too. What more, their produce are now much sought after and they can get better prices in the market. 

Agriculture depends upon soil fertility. This fertility depends not on the nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous, but on the worms, insects and microbes present in the soil who are the real farmers and produce these inputs and more naturally. Similarly today it has been scientifically proven that the existence of and harmony between trillions of bacteria and microbes in our body keeps us healthy at both physical and mental levels.

In agriculture we know that indigenous seeds provide the best outcome as they are suited to local conditions and are owned by farmers in addition. In health, studies have proven that unvaccinated children have 5 times better health outcomes - and not those vaccinated (hybrids).

Farmers know that soil health and plant health is essential for keeping away pests who predominantly attack unhealthy plants. In health it has long been known that good health per se keeps away disease and that germs become destructive only after health is lost and they feed upon dead cells. Farmers have realized the importance of alkalinity of soils as people have recognized the value of alkaline foods and inputs to ensure good health.

Farmers worldwide are returning to nature, cultivating diverse local crops with natural inputs. In health, the enlightened are going in for natural and diversified local foods as realization has dawned that nutrition and not drugs provide us health. Farmers have realized that chemical fertilizers and pesticides destroy agriculture, medical scientists today point out the dangers of vaccines and antibiotics that destroy health.

Both agriculture and health depends upon a balance in nature - which acknowledges a living symbiosis with a vibrant earth. Man, composed of the elements of earth, houses its consciousness. If that consciousness turns against itself both mankind and the earth fall sick - with disastrous consequences.