Why Pediatricians will not change.

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When I entered medicine I was told paediatrics is easy money. I specialized for an easy life.
I have a huge captive patient base; people need me as soon as they are born without having any disease. I have an assured earning of Rs 25 to 35,000 per child that I can receive in advance as part of a deal. 30 to 300% is my margin. I can charge my fees and also money for administering the shots.
My association supports me to the hilt and I am invited to jazzy events where over sumptuous lunch dinner and entertainment I am told what a great service I am rendering to society.
I am doing no wrong. The WHO supports me and eggs me along with scientific studies. The Government is solidly behind me. There are people in my profession who raise certain issues from time to time; uncomfortable issues. I observe how my leaders swiftly deal with them.
The person who wrote the books I studied is against vaccines today. So what? Has he not been expelled? I do notice changes in the children but then I believe my seniors when they tell me these are temporary inconveniences. We are saving lives.
I am safe within my herd. Parents have full faith on me. They believe whatever I say. My children have also entered the profession. The profession must continue and prosper. It is our livelihood and we have studied hard to earn the way we do.
Our teachers have taught us to be tough and to disregard all that is not mentioned in medical texts. Everything except what we are taught is quackery. The pharma people are so good and polite to us. They have helped and nurtured us right from our college days. We owe a lot to them. All this absurd talk must not distract us.
The industry is powerful and is fully capable of dealing with opposition. The social media is a nuisance where parents create groups and discuss a lot of unscientific things.
Nothing is going to happen to me. What I am doing is recommended and legal. Why should I bother about consequences? Why should I change? Can I predict what that change will lead to? If it affects me and my children’s livelihood can I afford it? Let things be. All is well.
Warning. Satire!