History of scandals surrounding vaccination in India

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- In 17th century variolators start using puss from severely small pox affected patients defying norms as they look towards increased income. Adverse effects leads to ban in 1796.
- 20th century; Gandhi speaks out against deaths and serious adverse effects from the small pox vaccine. Becomes India's voice against vaccination.[1]
- Chakravarti Rajagopalachari, Governor General of India, orders testing of BCG vaccine (for tuberculosis). 15 year long trial finds vaccine thoroughly ineffective (0% effective). But continues.[2]
- DPT vaccine adverse effects stun doctors. Brain damage and epilepsy becomes common. Cerebral palsy hits children. News about Spastic children hits headlines. Under pressure vaccine changed to DaPT.[3]
- Hep B introduction opposed by doctors and medical scientists. They argue infants do not suffer sexually transmitted diseases.[4]
- WHO shuts down public sector vaccine units. Ethical doctors cry foul.[5] 
- Doctors raise voice against mercury in vaccines. Point out rising cases of Autism.[6]
- Doctors and scientists oppose entry of oral polio vaccine. Point out its controversial history. Continue pointing out it was causing paralysis. Now proven it has caused 491,704 cases of paralysis in 17 years.[7]
- Uproar against deaths from the Pentavalent vaccine. WHO changes adverse effects recording protocol so that the vaccine can continue. Doctors declare it is likely killing 8000 children every year.[8]
- HPV vaccine scandal emerges as 9 tribal girls killed, several hundred rendered sick in illegally conducted clinical trial. Parliamentary Committee Report points out severe irregularities. [9]
- Introduction of Hib vaccine opposed. Doctors expose the incidence of disease very low in India. Vaccine not necessary and would be very expensive option.[10]

- Chicken pox vaccine advertisements draw the ire of Indian doctors and they pointed out it was totally unnecessary. They question the manner vaccines are being added to the schedule in India without rationale. (18)
- Scores of Measles vaccine deaths pointed out by media. Government turns blind eye.[11]
- Rotavirus vaccine trial in India reveals extremely high risks of lethal adverse effect. Govt refuses to divulge details. Says revealing clinical trial data would alarm public.[12]
- RTI reveals 10, 612 deaths from Govt conducted vaccine drives. More than 600,000 adverse effects recorded every year. Govt says we do not record deaths from vaccines as WHO protocol has to be followed.[13]
- Senior most functionary of IAP Dr Vipin Vashisht declares private doctors vaccinating for profit. Writes public letter to IAP. Assaulted in IAP conference. Removed from post. [14]
- MR vaccine campaign shocks India as it leaves behind trail of deaths and hospitalization. Govt refuses to take heed of Kerala and Tamil Nadu High Court orders.[15]
- MR vaccine campaign stopped by Delhi High Court which instructs Govt to reveal risks from vaccine and obtain written consent from parents. [16]
- Govt decides to challenge Court order as revealing risks would make consent difficult.

- Contamination in polio vaccine causes polio virus to revive in India. Vaccination programme suspended in the country (19)
- Diphtheria vaccine pushes diphtheria to older vaccinated adults in Kerala. [20]
- Indian doctors raise alarm over Italian study that show serious contamination in vaccines used in India and that one particular vaccine studied did not even have antigens that are supposed to protect against a particular disease. [21]
- Peeved with the Government's unwillingness to advertise vaccines after Delhi High Court order asking Government to educate parents about risk, the vaccine manufacturers in India launch their own campaign by roping in a Bollywood actress who assures public about safety of vaccines. A reputed pediatric MD declares, "If Kareena Kapoor says a vaccine is safe, it is safe." [22]