Do Indian Pediatricians care about children?

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The Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP) eats, drinks, thinks and dreams vaccines. I have attended many of its events, some invited others voluntarily. In the process I have made several friends. My friends are very nice people. Some are acutely aware of the dangers from vaccines but stay mum as they occupy important positions in the business of vaccines. And their events are entirely funded by vaccine manufacturers. But for how long can they remain silent? It is quite improbable that all its members are blind to what is happening to the children they deal with. If they cannot observe and discern the adverse effects caused due to their interventions can they be called doctors?

Today you cannot think of a pediatric clinic without having a neurologist, an oncologist, an endocrinologist, and a development therapist. They have names like Pediatric Neurology Clinics or Development Pediatrics and the like. Today there are hospitals devoted to children, something we never imagined two decades ago. And these hospitals are always full. Even regular hospitals have pediatric ICUs. Why? Children today clearly suffer more number of diseases than adults do. 

Pediatricians have now extended their "services" to adolescents. Adolescents too suffer numerous physical and mental disorders. And as diseases increase, so do the number of vaccines. The mind boggles when one takes a look at the long ever increasing number of vaccines offered. (

Noticing the discussions in their forums I often call them up to remind them that vaccines and antibiotics do not belong to childhood and that these young bodies are not able to tolerate the growing toxic burden anymore. Some of them do raise relevant issues but there are vigilant groups among them who are quick to quash such attempts.

The IAP is no longer an institution where an honest pediatrician can belong to. Corrupt to the core it believes that its only duty is to serve the interests of the industry. It is a clear and present threat to our children. In 2012 it was pointed out that it was heavily funded by the industry. The report had quoted its own Annual Report. Things have only worsened since then.

IAP Committee Of Immunization funding

Company Contributions in lakh Rs
Wyeth 4.9
Sanofi Pasteur 5.1
Glaxo SmithKline 5
Merck 5
Serum Institute 3
Sanofi Pasteur 1.8
Pfizer 2
Total from companies 26.8
Total IAPCOI funds received 27.8

(Source: IAP Annual Report 2012). All its funders are vaccine manufacturers. (

The Annual Report of 2017 reveals huge funds have been received from GAVI, AAP, J&J, Serum Institute & GSK.

Not only is the IAP taking pharma funds, all its members thrive on pharma commissions and incentives as they procure and sell vaccines. Their annual earnings from vaccines is Rs. 8100 crores, commissions range from 30 to 300%, incentives extra. They also charge for vaccine administration. This is as revealed by whistle blowers from within the IAP.

These vaccines cause 248 disorders and disabilities (and more as revealed in vaccine package inserts), and the same pediatricians who are causing them gain further from "treating" them. Today 54% of our children suffer from chronic disorders, 1 in 68 are autistic, and 1 in 8 suffer from serious neurological disorders. It should be noted that there is no mechanism to monitor the impacts of vaccines delivered by the private sector in India.

There are serious concerns with vaccines that no one is willing to discuss. There is absolutely no one looking at what vaccines are doing to the children. Vaccine safety is the most ignored subject in workshops, conferences and meetings organized by the IAP. They are always busy looking for scope to introduce more vaccines.
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I think the parents and society in general should wake up to the situation. Our children are today so sick that they can no longer bear the burdens of society when and if they grow up to be adults. Social collapse is imminent.
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