Asthma: Simple Solutions for a Complex Disease

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Asthma arises from vata kapha dosha, vaccines, allergies, pollution, and suppressing skin problems like eczema. It is often very difficult to treat. There are also many types of asthma. For the relatively moderate cases the following are helpful.
- Inhaling the smell of good quality camphor. The type usually used in havans. Just hold it in your cupped hands and smell it, then keep it in a container for the next session. Use it as often as needed and gradually reduce. This itself can replace the usual inhalers over time.
- Inhaling fumes from water + eucalyptus oil
- Inhaling the smell of genuine honey
- Taking Shitopaladi choorna + honey one tsp twice a day. You should lick it slowly and ensure it reaches the throat region. This soothes the throat and lung passage and reduces the irritation.
- Taking turmeric and dried ginger (sunthi) boiled in water diluted milk helps. Undiluted cold milk and milk products cause kapha and is contraindicated in asthma. 
- Medicines like Pankajkasturi help. If diabetic one can go for a similar sugar free preparation by Dabur called Swasamrita
- Those who develop asthma after allergy can take Giloy and/or Tulsi ghan vati to improve immunity
- In homeopathy a combination of Ocimum+Justicia+Zingiber is given to control allergy cold and cough
- Yoga and pranayama to the extent possible to strengthen the lungs and chest, immunity and also to improve digestion
- Do not take cold food, mucous gas and acidity producing foods
- Homeopathic medicines like Arsenic, Ipecac, Carbo veg, Nux Vomica, Antim Tart, Natrum Sulph are very effective
- For allergic patients often a dose of Aconite at the hint of an allergic attack will stop it
- The lung tonic Aspidosperma Q improves oxygen flow and keeps lungs healthy
- Remedies like Pothos and Alianthus help if allergic to dust and pollen
- Biochemic remedies like Kali Phos, Mag Phos, Kali Mur, Natrum Mur and Natrum Sulph are helpful. There is a combination available (Biocombination 2 for asthma) composed of these salts.
- Asthma patients should take light food particularly at night, take food before sundown, and go to bed early
- Curd, butter, bananas, ice cream, coconut, non veg foods are best avoided
- Vitamin C, Vitamin D, cod liver oil help
When immunity is strengthened often suppressed skin problems appear. They should be treated homeopathically. All acute diseases that appear during treatment must also be treated holistically and not suppressed. They are very often the part of a rectification process. Asthmatic patients also suffer deep rooted emotional issues that need to be resolved through meditation and counselling.