What if the anti-vaccine movement reaches India?

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International vaccine lobbyist Dr Peter Hotez is worried about what would happen if the anti-vaccine movement reaches India. This is what would happen;
- Approximately 9 to 10,000 children who die annually due to short and long term vaccine adverse effects in India would be saved.
- Pregnant women refusing the two tetanus vaccines during pregnancy would be spared miscarriage and birth of premature babies, possibly birth defects also.
- The incidence of 248 diseases and disabilities officially linked to vaccines in published studies would drastically come down. Sale of pharma drugs and equipment used to treat these disorders and disabilities would drastically fall. 
- Autism would disappear from India. Currently 1 in 68 children in India suffer from this devastating disorder.
- Paediatricians who currently earn Rs. 8100 crores from vaccines annually would see a huge fall in income. They would also stop earning from vaccine induced disorders in children.
- The Indian Academy of Paediatrics which receives funds from vaccine manufacturers and have their events sponsored by them would be in doldrums.
- Vaccine lobbyists in India would go out of business.
- Vaccine manufacturers would see a dip in revenue and their stock prices would take a beating.
- Medical expenses would fall drastically in India as the incidence of autoimmune, inflammatory, and immunotoxicity related disorders would fall, and cases of cancers would be drastically reduced.
- Corporate hospitals consequently would witness a huge loss of revenue and would go out of business.
- Children would become healthy, alert, mentally and physically active and would become the pillars of society.
- The huge quantum of funds that go towards funding vaccines could be released for essential nutrition of malnourished children of India.