Pediatrician no longer supports vaccines.

Pediatrician Speaks Openly About Vaccine Harm
Dr Bob is the father of eight children and along the way he became more cautious about giving vaccines to his own children and refused to give any new vaccines recently released on the market. He started to realize that the vaccine injury rate is far greater than admitted by the CDC. Once he started to read the vaccine inserts, and review published science, he was appalled to realize that there were far more assumptions about vaccine safety than actual scientific proof. Many aspects of safety have not been studied at all, and some aspects are studied, but in quite small numbers, yet these vaccines are routinely given to millions of healthy babies.
Dr Bob graciously admits many parents know a lot more about vaccine science than he does since they may spend hours every day researching the topic. This is a dramatic shift from the arrogance he possessed early in his medical career.
Some other critically important points made by Dr Bob Zajac:
  • The fully vaccinated children in his practice are the sickest, partially vaccinated are healthier, but the healthiest by far are the non-vaccinated.
  • The estimated lost profit to his clinic because of not pushing vaccines and allowing non vaccinated patients is now around $1.7 million each year. He gets reduced rates from insurance because of reduced numbers of fully vaccinated children.
  • A profit is made on each shot given.
  • Discussing vaccines with parents costs a clinic more in productivity.
  • Informed consent and patient choice is essential, yet is missing in most doctor-patient interactions regarding vaccines.
  • Pediatricians and those who give vaccines declare that vaccines are safe, yet they are hurting children. They don’t know the harm they are inflicting.
  • The vaccine industry is the only industry in this country with no liability. Accountability for vaccines is the only way to drive safety.
  • As a faith based person, Dr Bob is stressed about end times when he will have to answer about how he treats the children in his practice. This inspires and motivates him to continue vaccine safety education with his patients even if it means reduced revenue for his clinic.
Dr Zajac is one of a growing number of doctors taking the time to inform themselves of the actual science regarding vaccines, and speaking out about vaccine harm. He is a true hero.