"MR vaccine not compulsory", Meghalaya Health Ministry.


‘No one can force anybody to take Measles Rubella Vaccination (MRV)’: AL Hek

A Reporter
SHILLONG, : The Minister of Health government of Meghalaya AL Hek has expressed that no one can force anybody to take Measles Rubella Vaccination (MRV) and this decision must be taken by the family members of the students.
It may be reminded that Deputy Commission of East Khasi Hills has shot off a letter to the District School Education Officer, to withhold the annual examination results of those students who refused to take Measles Rubella Vaccination (MRV).
This has drawn opposition from several quarters including different NGOs like the KSU and FKJGP including AMSPA, an association of parents of school going children of Meghalaya, who had expressed strong opposition to the move of the district administration. Speaking to The Sentinel, Hek said, “It’s not correct to stop an examination or to withhold report cards of the students because they did not take the vaccination.”
He said that this vaccination cannot be told that it is mandatory. It depends on the willingness of the parents of the students if they want to give the vaccination to their children or not.
The Minister however urged the people of the state including the parents to ensure that their children take the Measles Rubella Vaccination (MRV).
When asked, he said, “It also depends on each person’s understanding if they want to take the injection they can but if they don’t want their children to take the vaccination that is also up to them.”
He added, “The Deputy Commissioner had said that it is mandatory however we from the health department are saying it depends solely on the decision of the parents and family members of the children if they want the vaccination or not.”
Earlier, Education Minister Lahkmen Rynbui had said that the order was not released from the education department however the order came from the office of the Deputy Commissioner, East Khasi Hills District.