Mother Earth and Us.

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Five thousand years ago, the sages of the Atharva Veda said, ‘The earth’s attributes are for everybody and no single group or nation has special authority over it’ (XII.1.18). The hymn also describes the earth as the mother of all species living on it. ‘Let the whole of humanity speak the language of peace and harmony and let all living beings live in accord with each other’ (XII.1.16).
The Vedas were written down 5000 years ago. Prior to that for many thousands of years they were memorized and transferred in the Guru Sishya parampara. There were 1008 Upanishads that students learnt sitting at the feet of the Guru but only 108 remain. The Vedas and Upanishads reflect a mode of thinking that is vastly different from ours. The mind is molded and geared to envision an interconnected universe with pillars of energy holding the structure together that were worshiped as Gods. The worship was tantric and the literature is about philosophy, questions, answers and practices. They emerged from Shiva and Parvati. Much of this literature too is lost. Our history is the Puranas. Sadly only a fraction remains. Technically everything is lost as we no longer study Pali, Sanskrit, suddha bhasa, and the various tribal dialects.
Every thought and action since ages was life, energy and nature centric. Civilization is not a few thousand years old. Our texts talk of Jambudwipa - the undivided mass that existed before continents drifted apart. They talk of land masses that are today under water. They talk of life and vegetation in the Himalayan and pole regions which are today covered under ice.
They talk about several intelligent hominid races, human races, and also highly evolved reptilian, animal and avian species. They talk of three tiers of existence; above the world, terranian, and within the earth. The above worlds were spiritual worlds but also could be alien visitations. The terrain was both surface and cave based. The netherlands could be lands opposite in the globe or within the core of the earth. Read about Agartha – the inner civilization.
The texts talk about several extinction events. Those who have studied say five or maybe six extinction events have occurred so far. There have also been numerous global events that have adversely affected civilizations in terms of natural calamities or devastating wars. Civilizations have risen and fallen several times. We are indeed very resilient.
All throughout respect for the earth and communication between all life forms and even vegetation is reflected. Our ancestors knew the language of animals and birds and were able to communicate with them. The various human species communicated and even inter married. The communication with vegetation was in the form of prayers.
Technology was much more advanced than we witness today. Remnants are still available in various parts of the world. Technology perhaps utilized a form of energy that Tesla has written about. Sound was also utilized as a mechanical force; prayers, incantations and musical instruments were used individually or in unison. The trained mind was a force to reckon with and such minds could also command equipment and weapons.
Everything was earth friendly. The proof lies in the fact that so little is available to trace. Our civilization will be traceable for a long time for the non degradable waste we have generated and the toxic pollution we are responsible for that will leave a trace for eons. For a long time we will be ashamed and repentant about what we have done to the earth and its inhabitants. May they forgive us for our unforgivable sins!
We have to rebuild again and vow never to let the present destructive ideas and concepts take over again. The earth is our mother and all of creation are brothers and sisters knowingly and unknowingly interconnected and interdependent. Let that knowledge and wisdom emerge again.
Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantihi.