A note for young students.

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Young students often connect with me and seek ways to control the mind so they can concentrate on their studies. Mind control is difficult but is essential for those who seek knowledge and wisdom. I suggest the following;
- Make a habit of going to bed early (by 10 pm) and getting up in the wee hours before the break of dawn. Do a little pranayam, take a bath and then study during these hours instead of late into the night. With practice it will become easy.
- Prefer studying books instead of online material if you wish to improve retention and recall. Avoid the TV.
- Similarly choose early evening hours for study. Take a bath in the evening after a vigorous evening walk if possible and then start studying.
- Be attentive during classrooms. Prepare for your classes beforehand so that you can grasp what is being taught. The entire system of education is about classroom study. If you cannot take advantage of that you will lose out a lot. If you can follow this you may not also need extra classes. Prepare study charts based upon class time tables to organize yourselves.
- Similarly try to be at home and study in nearby institutions instead of relocating to study outside as far as possible. You will get good food and more care and time for study that way. Make your parents and siblings your friends so they don't disturb you.
- Make good use of the institution library. Do not restrict yourself to your subjects alone. Develop interest in other subjects too. Don't study simply for the exams. Study for the sake of gaining knowledge so you can help others and not just build a career.
- Eat good and real food instead of gulping down so called memory boosting supplements. They don't work. Take Amla, Brahmi, Tulsi, Turmeric and fruits and greens instead. Avoid pizza, burgers, fast food at all cost. Avoid salt and sugar. Replace with Himalayan Salt and jaggery. Take a little curd and fermented foods during daytime. Prefer vegetarian food. Avoid gas forming foods. An aggravated vata will disturb the mind. If your body and tummy are cool, your brain will work better.
- Make friendship with good students. Avoid company that will distract you.
- Take control over your mind. Consult an ayurved or homeopath if you cannot. Be a little spiritual. Read books of saints and sages you prefer and according to your culture. Taking up a good mantra and mentally reciting it also calms down the mind. Stay away from drugs and stimulants.
- Expand your mind. Stop being selfish. Think about the world rather than your own interests. Cultivate good hobbies and interests. Reflect a little before reacting. Maintain composure. As your mind expands knowledge comes and retention becomes easier. Do not worry too much about outcomes, dwell on the present and do your best. If pressure gets the better of you try to take the help of teachers and seniors instead of becoming despondent.
- Focus on your student career as it will form the basis of your life and attitudes. Though there will be a lot of pressure, if you are calm, focused and organized you will benefit tremendously. Results don't really matter. What matters is what you become.
Best of luck.