Where is the science in vaccines?

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Vaccines are a commercial venture, much less of a public health tool. The manufacturers depend heavily on academic institutions for the research part to cut down on costs. The manufacturing, efficacy and safety issues they keep to themselves. They influence health officials and organisations of repute to blow the disease out of proportion and recommend the vaccine. They make deals with medical bodies to include the vaccine into the schedules.They lobby politicians and contribute to their election funds to mandate the vaccines and indemnify them against lawsuits when the vaccines cripple and kill the children. They hire celebrities and pay media barons to advertise the vaccine and get good press reviews. They offer good introductory options to doctors to stock the vaccines. They suggest booster doses if the vaccine is found to be ineffective or of short term effect. They pocket medical scientists to perpetuate the vaccine and spread the myth of herd immunity to ensure more coverage. They threaten doctors and cancel their licences if they try to bust their plans. They pay medical scientists to expand the scope of the vaccine - like the HPV vaccine now being recommended for boys and the bogey being spread that HPV is responsible for cardiovascular diseases when it is still not clear if the HPV causes any kind of cancer. So where is the science in vaccines?