What about small pox?

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The small pox vaccine did not prevent small pox. It was a concoction that was extremely shocking. Puss from a pox infected corpse was passed through cows, horses, then calves and stored. Often goats, dogs and monkeys too were involved. This was sent to countries where again people were administered this concoction and if they developed sores and lesions, that puss was drained. This became the "vaccine". Absolutely no purification process. All animals used in process died after suffering intense agony. People died too. This puss was stored in vials and taken to the area where people were to be administered. No process to ensure stability, no steps to check decomposition, no cold chain, nothing. This mixture was first supposed to protect for life. As it did not, revaccination was ordered. First once, then every 10 years, then every 3 years, then every year, then many were revaccinated every six months. The concoction caused pox, severe rashes, eczema, necrosis, leprosy, tuberculosis, Hep B, cancers, insanity, severe neurological disorders, stomach and gut disorders, other diseases and death. In 1989 a WHO consultant researching AIDS linked it to the vaccine. What animal viruses were transmitted to humans in the process has never been researched. We can logically ascribe many modern day ailments to this vaccine. The vaccine spread pox like wildfire, even in those who were in the vicinity where the vaccine was administered. Those cases were managed by recording them as sores, measles, chicken pox, or just as rashes. Clear instructions were given to doctors that "in a vaccinated subject small pox can be ruled out". Both people and doctors noticed what was happening and protested vociferously. In India the protesting doctors were supported by Gandhi, Rajagopalachari and Patel. Many cities and countries rejected the vaccine and adopted measures like sanitation, hygiene, nutrition, isolation and better treatment. They managed to arrest the disease. Leicestershire is a wonderful case study. The WHO was ultimately forced to adopt these measures alongside. At one point of time the disease waned and disappeared. Till date no one knows what virus is there in the vaccine. A name - vaccinia virus was invented to soothe egos and retrieve the situation. It has also been declared officially that the vaccine is the most dangerous vaccine in history and is not likely to be used even in case of another outbreak. Today it is a much feared weapon for bio terrorism.