Vaccine Statistics - India

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- 10, 612 immediate deaths (within 48 to 72 hours) in 10 years from the Govt programme. Long term deaths ignored.
- More than 600,000 adverse effects recorded every year from the Govt programme.
- Cases followed up for probable long term impacts - 0
- Cases of deaths and adverse effects that can be officially attributed to the vaccine - 0. Thanks to the WHO amendment to protocol
- Infrastructure to monitor quality and contamination for wide array of vaccines used for 27 million children annually - 1 small unit in Himachal Pradesh that does not test prior to administration. Found sleeping in the recent polio vaccine contamination case
- System to monitor deaths and adverse effects in private sector - None
- System to monitor quality and source of vaccines in private sector - None
- 15 additional vaccines forced onto populations in the private sector
- Pediatricians earn 8100 crores from vaccines every year. Parents cough up Rs 25,000 to 30,000 per child. 
- More than 8000 probable deaths annually from the Pentavalent vaccine alone
- 491,704 children paralyzed due to the oral polio vaccine
- Earning of Rs 150 to 2600 per vaccine shot (30 to 300% markup) to the pediatricians. Administration charges extra
- Vaccines to protect against 16 diseases so far linked to 248 serious disorders and disabilities including death
- Efforts to track the incidence of such diseases and disabilities in vaccinated children and adults - None
- Compensation awarded - 1 case. Rs. 2 lakh ( less than $ 3000) decided upon after protracted court case. Not paid so far.
- Persons proceeded against for this widespread devastation - 0
- Fines and penalties imposed - None
- Health status of children - 1 in 100 autistic in India, 1 in 8 suffer serious neurological disorders, 54% suffer from chronic disorders - 3 children die every 2 minutes in the country.