The vaccine insanity will destroy us.

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The entire vaccination issue is scary. A highly controversial pharmaceutical product (linked so far to 248 diseases and disabilities including death) is being indiscriminately injected into infants and children globally without regard for consequences by people who enjoy state protection and immunity from lawsuits.

It is immensely costly and inherently risky to wage war on populations. However if you can do it under the garb of a medically certified procedure that is forced on all children you can effectively harm an inordinate number and bring society and nations to its knees.

The harm from vaccines as detailed in vaccination package inserts and from published scientific studies is visible everywhere and childhood has been effectively destroyed. However governments, international agencies, and the entire medical profession remain blind to this genocide and continue to promote more and more vaccines.

Doctors and scientists going against vaccines are being suicided and stripped of their licences. Their careers are being ruined and reputation torn to shreds. Presidents, politicians, and celebrities trying to draw attention to the issue are being silenced and forced to retract. Parents reporting vaccination harm they observe in their children are being termed delusional lunatics. Victims fighting vaccines receive threats day in and day out.

What is going on? We are witnessing children and youth who are immensely sick and disabled. Families are breaking apart unable to bear the mental and emotional torture and the financial strain.

Today we cannot hope for a sane and sensible society as its components are being systematically taken down. When today’s extremely disturbed children grow up we will witness a society that would be immensely more chaotic than ours. When are the leaders of our society going to wake up and say enough?