Questions raised on MR vaccine campaign

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Issues surrounding MR vaccine campaign in India.
- It cannot be denied that many children have died and several hundred have been hospitalized due to the vaccine. All deaths and hospitalizations cannot be coincidental as claimed.
- As per RTI 10,612 children have died due to government immunization programme in India from 2008 to 2018. Thus vaccination is risky. They cannot be made compulsory. The Kerala High Court Order of 10th Nov 2017 on this vaccine too has asserted the same in a written order.
- As per Nuremberg Code 1947 informed consent of subject/ guardians is required before medical interventions. Is informed consent being obtained? Consent is about disclosing all known risks, ensuring that they are understood, and written consent has to be obtained.
- Every vaccine has contraindications. The MR vaccine also has. What steps are being taken to ensure the child is screened for contraindication? This is required as per GoI immunization handbook.
- If the child has suffered natural measles/ and or Rubella does it need the vaccine? Is that past history being inquired into? 
- What steps are being taken in schools to ensure presence of doctors and medical equipment to handle emergencies after administration?
- What steps are being taken to inform parents about what to do if adverse effects show up in the child after it reaches home? This is required as per GoI immunization handbook.
- What steps are being taken to follow up vaccinated children to track long term adverse effects as noted in post marketing surveillance of the vaccine and stated in vaccination package inserts?
- What steps are being taken to compensate for deaths after the vaccine and to compensate and provide free treatment for diseases and disabilities?
- Is this vaccine compulsory and mandatory? Several authorities including the Health Minister of Meghalaya have publicly said that it is not. Then why are authorities, schools and advocating doctors saying that it is compulsory and mandatory?
- Can the vaccine provide the benefits of natural immunity that include protection from chronic disease and cancer as per research?
- The vaccine is being given to older children. Where is the clinical trial to show that this vaccine has no impact on the reproductive system? If there is no such study why is it being asserted it is safe and has no reproductive effect?
- Who is the final authority appointed in India who can be approached for the irregularities, deaths and hospitalizations during this vaccination drive? What is the mechanism of justice?