No vaccine is safe!

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Vaccines always cause a reaction. They may be instant and visible or silent and long term. Vaccines are designed to cause a reaction. The aluminium adjuvant used in vaccines is a very potent, deep acting and violent immune stimulator. It is not ordinary aluminium but nano aluminium. It causes cells to give up their DNA. It is designed to carry vaccine ingredients to all parts of the body including the brain. The vaccine ingredient mercury is quickly picked up from the blood to rest in fat cells of the brain where it can stay indefinitely causing progressive decisive damage. Nerve cells act like wool crumpling in a fire in the presence of mercury which is the most potent neurotoxin known to man. It is also a mood stimulator and changes psychology with a range from anxiety and tension to cruelty and insanity. It is an industrial toxin known as ethylmercury which is 1000 times more toxic than the usual methyl mercury. In the presence of aluminium and formaldehyde, both in vaccines, it becomes 100 times more toxic. Formaldehyde has hundreds of toxic properties and is known to cause cancer. All the three (mercury, alumiminium, and formaldehyde) are known carcinogens. The live viruses in vaccines can stay dormant in the body and become active again to cause a host of problems. The vaccine ingredients are also endocrine disruptors and can cause abnormal sexual behaviour once adolescence sets in. In the long term they can cause sterility. Vaccines have a profound impact on the gut microbiome and results in mood and eating disorders. We see people becoming depressed and attracted to binge eating and junk food. Vaccines are immensely capable of causing such behaviour including addiction to heavily sweetened energy drinks. Vaccines cause a state of inflammation in the body and can cause all diseases whose names end in "itis". They can also cause all autoimmune disorders we see in society today. Vaccines have other ingredients besides declared ones. They are contaminants. Trace amounts of metals like lead, cadmium, copper, stainless steel, tungsten have been found in vaccines. Their impact is profound. Vaccines are contaminated with cancer causing retroviruses; bovine, porcine, and avian viruses. Vaccines have been found to contain the dreaded cancer causing herbicide glyphosate. Thus overall vaccines are designed to cause all pervasive damage. The question is why? The first reason is that the medical industry needs disease to grow and profit. The second is that it is the best medium to induce sterility and reduce populations gradually. There is also a third reason which needs some reading and maturity to understand.