My stance: Neither Left nor Right.

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I do not belong either to the left or right. Very early on I realized that fitting into an ideology has tremendous limitations. It is always better to be fluid. We all aim for a peaceful society where people of all faiths and belief can live amicably. As individuals we are all different. This difference is because we are in various stages of development. The modern world has certain structures where all have to fit in as components of industries that rule our soulless lives. The previous world was not like this. It had a variety and people normally chose according to their inclinations. I will tend to go the variety way. I have tasted all religions. I have found their core to be the same. It is this core which we must concentrate upon as responsible individuals instead of targeting religions and creating discord. Religions today need deliverance from its own preachers. They need sanity. We face a queer situation today as our education system has veered away from core human values and local cultures. Consequently we have been uprooted from the human development goal that was the focus of earlier civilizations. We feel empty. When we turn towards religion we find them being led by people who do not meet expectations. And we ourselves are unprepared because our knowledge is woefully inadequate and we tend to wrongfully interprete. We get influenced by left leaning people whose sole agenda is to destroy religion so the right loses its base. As thinking individuals we must devise a way out how the world can survive without both the left and right, or even the centre. Full development can take place only when all issues are considered in a sane holistic manner. Creating differences in society and pitting sections against each other reflects a highly immature mindset that needs to be curbed. Our youth must wake up to the agenda behind such extreme movements and extricate themselves from the mess. Behind our facades we are all one.