Immunologist against vaccines!

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My journey into vaccines began 40 years ago. Injured by a vaccine I had to look for answers. Providence and help from a friend brought me in touch with the renowned immunologist Dr Herman Fudenberg. 

He was a great and ardent admirer of vaccines. Then he was appointed as a Director of Merck Pharmaceuticals, the largest vaccine manufacturer. Dr Fudenberg did not like to be an armchair Director. He personally visited the manufacturing units and delved into the nitty gritties of vaccine development and manufacture. He was horrified. 

He quit and started campaigning against them. The industry was in a fix. Here was a person considered to be the father of immunology campaigning against vaccines! The canard was circulated that he had suffered a psychological breakdown. A vilification campaign was targeted at him. When the time came for the renewal of his medical licence he was asked a few questions. Dr Fudenberg was disgusted and refused to submit to the humiliation. He did not renew his licence and said famously, "Let me see who dares to question my practice. I can continue without a licence." 

He opened an NGO to treat vaccine injured children and that was what he did till the end of his life. This great immunologist ultimately denounced the concept of an immune system. "The body does not work in bits and parts. There is one system that rules all functions and is responsible for physical and mental health and wellbeing. Vaccines by going against it disturb it in its entirety." Today the specialists treating autistic children are coming to the same conclusions after studying the extreme harm within them. 

Remember, when you allow your child to be vaccinated you actually endanger the entire body mind complex and put his life into jeopardy. I can say with confidence that a vaccinated child cannot be rendered healthy again. The connection with life is disturbed and it is not possible to predict what problems will crop up at what point of time. Be a responsible parent. Study vaccines. Research. Don't regret.