Disease Approach vs Health Approach

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Medicine has adopted the disease name approach based on the germ virus causation theory and other physical processes. The focus is on germ virus elimination and battling disease names. In this approach it matters little how the person is affected. If the symptoms are destroyed or the germ/virus is eliminated, the person needs to thank the intervention and lead a compromised life if he survives the process.
The dangers of the germ virus approach are realized today. A human body has 38 trillion bacteria and 380 trillion bacteriophages or viruses. Of this astounding number, only around 4000 have been so far identified with any disease process often without much of an idea if they are causative agents or have other roles to play. They can be present but a disease may or may not manifest. The entire population comprising 57% of what we are determines our mentality, beliefs, attitude, tastes and preferences besides performing vital functions that keep us alive and well. The richer the presence the better we are. We are also interacting with thousands of trillions more in our food and environment that influence us. The broad spectrum antibiotics, antivirals, vaccines, and any other drug/ chemical directed at us influences all adversely. They cannot selectively target a particular bacteria or virus.
The holistic approach on the other hand is centered around health. It recognizes the beneficial role of microbes and defines disease to be depletion of energy and increased toxicity. This toxicity can be due to physical processes and also our mentality and attitude towards life. It advocates good food, proper digestion and elimination, positive and harmonious mentality and attitude towards life, and a regulated lifestyle involving physical and mental exercises that strengthens and conserves energy. It informs us that we are endowed with an intelligent vital force that regulates all functions and processes, ensures integrity of the body and mind through immune strength and also helps develop a positive and sincere mentality, fuelling a positive all round growth.
The disease approach has a history of around 300 years and an enforcement of more than 100 in which period it has been practiced exclusively. Has it led to health and well being? The rising demand for more and more doctors and hospitals and the rapid rising incidence of more and more disease names indicate a profoundly sick society that is today disintegrating under the pressure of the consequent negative attitude towards life.