Countering social engineering.

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When J F Kennedy talked of a conspiracy he was referring to a take over of society by an ideology that was completely different from established and accepted ones. In a way it was a logical outcome as the US was born over the graveyard of an indigenous culture - that of tribes who were decimated. The emerging culture established itself on a false monetary system and an entire paradigm that was euphemistically called the "greater good".
By the time it took hold of America it was fully established, having taken over institutions and in the process of formally infiltrating the Church. Its objective was global takeover not just domination. The strategy was to destroy nations, destroy local religions and beliefs, destroy nationalistic feelings, destroy borders, destroy families by pitting gender against gender, and destroy the individual via destroying physical and mental health and taking away individual liberties by slowly squeezing their ambit. The overall force driving all this was money and institution power.
When we observe society today we must take into consideration the above objectives while scrutinizing the various forces in play around us. Are they aiding and abetting them or can they be used to counter such moves?
What can we do to counter the game plan? We must strengthen the concept of nations, learn to respect borders, let popular cultures and faith be, strengthen the family and do all we can to make ourselves physically and mentally fit. We should take back our rights as individuals. We should also work towards identifying and weakening those institutions that are working towards establishing the new world order. Many of these institutions pretend to exist for our benefit. We should recognize that chicanery too.