Are you YOU? Personality disorders.

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A psychiatrist friend informs many today suffer from multiple personality disorders as the mental health crisis worsens. This was once thought limited to schizophrenics.

What determines personality? You are supposed to inherit traits from your parents. Then there is the tremendous role played by microbes residing in your body and the environment. Your education too shapes you as well as the people you interact with. As an end product you are supposed to be a definite ‘You’. Even as you play various roles there is a strong core as ‘You’. 

But as we all experience today, most are not very sure about the ‘You’. There are circumstances that make us scream, this is not ‘Me’! We also feel highly dissatisfied with ourselves and detest many traits that we wish we would not have. We also face meltdowns when we lose control, a personality crumbling experience.

Are all these normal? Well nothing is normal these days. Why? Our bodies are not being allowed to form and grow naturally. Medical interventions have replaced natural processes.

We are not inheriting parental microbes thanks to caesarean childbirths. Whatever microbes we gain are being massively disturbed with vaccines, antibiotics and other drugs. Procedures like vaccines, blood and serum transfusions, organ replacement introduce foreign microbes into us that clash with our personalities.

Heavy metals, neurotoxins, and endocrine disruptors in vaccines, dental procedures, pharma products, household chemicals, cosmetics, and as pollutants are shaping our personalities. Our food too has changed and no longer similar to our ancestors thus affecting microbiome health.

Food additives and processing involves mind altering chemicals and also aborted foetal cells. Our obsession with cleanliness and fear of germs and viruses is also resulting in microbiome loss as we dowse ourselves with harmful chemicals and cosmetic products.

The microbes we are inheriting from plants and animals are today inimical to us thanks to industrialized agriculture and animal farming. The extreme cruelty inflicted on farm animals is releasing hormones and toxins in their bodies that are a part of the milk and meat we consume. They are also heavily drugged and vaccinated. These strongly affect our minds and emotions.

Thus you are no longer ‘You’. The cruelty we inflict on our environment and the faulty medical and industrial paradigm we have chosen is shaping us. There is an urgent need to learn about the love, respect, and altruism based nature and life loving societies of our ancestors and try to change.