We need to stop becoming robots.

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When the Freemasons promoted and occupied science their objective was to steer people away from holistic thinking and spirituality. The presumption that the world is a machine and mechanical laws rule everywhere was actively propagated. Darwinism and crass rationality were useful tools. Medical science did the rest by messing with the body and mind and cutting off the vital connection with nature. Man became a zombie interested in his own downfall. 

If we want to emerge from this crisis we should discover the thinking pattern of our ancestors. Much has been lost as we have abandoned our indigenous languages and Sanskrit. Consequently we have exclusively adopted a highly damaging mode of thinking. The truth is the entire creation is a living conscious entity. We are an important part of it. The universe views itself through us. Our mind mirrors the world and also controls it. 

The Luciferians who rebel against the concept of God and his creation seek to destroy this mind and thus form a firm grip on the world. Wishful thinking. They have never been able to do so. They instead act as Shiva's power of destruction. It is through them that He destroys his own creation so that one pattern is erased and a new pattern can form. 

We are in a transition phase as we move from one cycle to the next. Now we see things speeding up. Events have started happening at a gallop which will soon turn into a crescendo. When the war starts and earthquakes become devastating and frequent know the end is just around the corner. 

What can we do? The only way is to turn inwards, beg forgiveness and pray as a mass. We have to forget our individual differences that are being exploited by the current rulers to create chaos and unite as per our common underlying concepts. 

We are all His children and the supreme intelligence does not differentiate as per surface appearances. For that we must come out of the mechanistic model and accept the supreme intelligence. We need to counter our egos and the faulty paradigm of thinking imposed on us. 

What will happen will happen. Nobody can stop the change. We can only cushion the fall and prepare for the next stage. Can we sacrifice our ego and lower minds?