Vitality is the essence of health

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Medicine has today reached the microbiome and the mitochondria. It has reached the stage where it ought to realize that it is environment and energy that drives the body mind complex.

Many doctors have realized that germs, viruses, and parasites are essential friends and not enemies as they wake up to the horrors of antibiotics, antivirals, and anti-malaria drugs. Now they need to wake up to vitality.

Vitality is a step ahead of energy. It is a form of intelligent and conscious energy that forms the basis of life and health. It is the link between the soul and the body mind complex. From conception to growth, and death we depend on vitality.

It is this vitality that guides self healing. When we have a wound we see how the body mounts a response and the wound is healed. There are life forms which can even regrow a limb. When we fall sick it is this vitality that causes the "illness" to adjust to the environment and extend life.

This vitality we gain at birth depending upon the vitality of our parents. All forms of holistic healing know and respect this vitality which is guided to heal from complex diseases. This is how ayurveds, homeopaths, and naturopaths heal - by boosting vitality.

Yoga, pranayam and meditation preserves this vitality. Proper spiritual efforts may increase it. Dr B M Hegde in his inimitable style refers to this vitality using medical jargon so that the mainstream doctors can recognize it at play.

The worst enemy of this vitality is a profligate life - one that flings it away in a bid to enjoy material benefits and gets trapped in conflicts and angst that result from it. The other important enemy is medical science itself that disturbs it with interventions like vaccines, antibiotics, antivirals, steroids, tonics, and needless surgery.

Both medical practitioners and the public ought to recognize the role of vitality in health so humanity can cut itself away from the cycle of disease and destruction.