The disease process.

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Toxins accumulate in body --> body signals to microorganisms --> microrganisms activate response --> body expels toxins through processes like diarrhea, vomiting, skin eruptions, fever, coughs and colds --> hunger suppressed to conserve energy --> fatigue signals body to rest and conserve energy --> microorganisms induce mood changes to prefer light bland food --> body recovers and resumes healthy operations --> mind recovers with enthusiasm to work.
What happens if you interfere? The toxins continue accumulating and both body and mind become sluggish. With more accumulation the body continually mounts violent responses. More suppression. Toxins affect mind and organs. Chronic disease states result. With vaccines and antibiotics we not only interfere with the process but also destroy the immune response and the microbes. They also introduce toxins the body has never encountered and does not have the ability to tackle. Nobody can predict the result and both body and mind deteriorate steadily to cause the horrible sounding disease names and behavioral disorders that have become so common these days.