Naturopaths being harassed in India.

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The charges against Naturopath Jacob Vadakencharry now seem to be;
- He takes an extreme stance
- He opposes immunization
My explanation.
There is nothing extreme in his stance considering that the issues in Malappuram have been festering without an ear for several decades. The people in this region have indicated their choice for a different paradigm of health and the dominant paradigm feels that to be a threat. There have been umpteen attempts to forcefeed the population and their objection has been negatively portrayed in the media. The frustration now leads to extremes and is but an appeal to be heard. The situation is not local but global. Pockets worldwide face exactly the same scenario and the fight has reached the political level in the USA, Italy, France, China, Philippines, Japan, and Sweden. The US president aspirants have to now voice dissent against the paradigm to garner votes.
The next issue is immunization. The word immunization itself is faulty. It ought to be innoculation after which it depends on the Childs fate whether he is protected or adversely affected. Every shot carries that risk. We are treading on very dangerous grounds when we tend to think of this highly uncertain procedure to be an essential part of any health system. As a medical profession that seeks to protect the health of populations it is very essential to first understand health and then determine whether it is really being ensured. Are our children healthy today? What are the illnesses that have become epidemics among them? What are the consequences spelled out in the vaccination package inserts and in clinical trial results? What do toxicologists say about the toxic impacts of the vaccine ingredients? What are the findings of researchers investigating vaccines and their published studies? Do these findings match the disease epidemics noticed in children and in the society? Is this exercise too much for the profession to consider? It would be worthwhile to mention here that 498 published studies so far link vaccines to 248 serious diseases and disabilities including death. Is anybody listening?
Moreover it has only recently been exposed that the NHS has not submitted any safety data that it is legally bound to for the last 32 years! And friends, vaccines have been declared to be Unavoidably Unsafe in the US Supreme Court in March, 2011. This is exactly why the vaccine industry is provided legal immunity. The US VAERS system receives a flood of adverse effects reports and yet it acknowledges it could be 1 to 3% of actual. Very few cases become eligible for compensation and yet around $ 4 billion has been paid out to some 1500 cases so far. The compensation is paid from a 75 cent cess on every vaccine sold. If vaccines are so safe why the cess?
Reports from India indicate a dismal picture as the entire medical profession prefers to look the other way. The cry for a peek into vaccine adverse effects has ultimately led to a session in an IAP event. Nobody is satisfied with what was discussed. I had raised the issue in Pedicon 2008 as a layperson. The points I had raised were acknowledged but I was also told point blank that such issues would not be considered as they go against the IAP mandate which was to ensure vaccination uptake.
We have lost 10,612 lives in the last 10 years to the UIP alone. No one is even looking at the reckless private sector. Only deaths that occurred within 72 hours get recorded. If children fall ill and subsequently die those deaths are not ascribed to the vaccine. Then there is also the disgusting WHO classification that will ensure all deaths become coincidence. There is no attempt to follow up the 600,000 annual adverse effects that are immediately noticed. There is no accountability either. Controversies that have dogged the DPT, Hib, Hep B, Pentavalent, Rotavirus, and the OPV vaccines in India do not get a hearing. Clinical trial results are not declared as they would "alarm the public". Members get thrown out of the NTAGI for raising crucial issues.
Can people who object to such a scenario be dubbed extremists and be arrested?
I leave it to the forum to decide. Let us also remember the warning delivered by Hon'ble CJ Deepak Mishra yesterday, "Unless the corrupt system is mended, people will be forced to take the law into their hands." Need we welcome such a scenario? The IMA Kerala needs to do a lot of introspection. Trying to stifle public debate is an indication of desperation. Their excuses will be heard but the genuine demands of the public too need a hearing. The children have no voice.
Why Naturopath Jacob Vadakencharry of Kerala must be immediately released with an unconditional apology.
Such arrests mask the underlying problems.
- Medicine is today based on one viewpoint alone that considers itself to be scientific. (Research points out between 8 to 15% of this system is probably scientific.)
- That viewpoint unfortunately has not stemmed the tide of disease but has exponentially increased it resulting in mass disenchantment and dissatisfaction
- This form of medicine has very few speaking up from within the ranks because of fear of repercussions
- Intelligent people always fear both consequences and social marginalization and thus it is left to those who do not understand the issue properly to protest
- Most of these troublemakers are actually talking sense as their arguments are based on naturopathy
- Naturopathic assertion of toxicity as the cause of disease is today borne out by the study of epigenetics and immunotoxicity
- Naturopathy respects acute illnesses and argues that their suppression leads to chronic disease. This fact is well known today as we realize that occurrence of febrile, inflammatory and eruptive diseases prevent chronic degenerative diseases including cancers later in life. Please study advances in cancer research
- Naturopathy advocates nutrition and exercise. We all know these two vital sectors are thoroughly neglected in our quest of health
- Followers of naturopathy naturally oppose toxic interventions like vaccines and antibiotics. To those knowledgeable about holism such interventions cannot deliver health. Today we are well aware of their dangers and how the public is totally in the dark about the real impacts
- Medicine in its present form is vital for emergencies, yes. But what if those emergencies themselves are the result of interventions? Can the cyclical wrong be justified? How are we to break that cycle?
- Medical professionals are protected from persecution. Today we know vaccines have caused 10,612 deaths in last 10 years from the Govt programme alone and that upwards of 600,000 adverse effects occur every year that are not followed up for long term impacts
- The Garry Null study of 2011 pointed out 999,936 deaths occurs each year in the USA due to medical interventions. The WHO patient safety unit has always expressed its helplessness over the situation
- The regulatory mechanisms are in shambles as they directly operate under instructions from the industry
- Govt policies and decisions are a result of lobbying rather than being scientific and evidence based. Ask the activist doctors.
Thus I humbly suggest we look within rather than engage in semantics to justify what goes on around us. I am myself suffering excruciating pain and have tolerated extremes for almost 40 years now. With that firsthand experience I would any day favour quacks over degree holders as my knowledge points out they are more often right and their capacity to inflict pain is miniscule compared to the scope provided by mechanized and reductionist medicine.
Let us unequivocally call for the release of Vadakencharry and direct our energies to convert medicine to a healing force. Disease management has proven its limitations.