Is Hippocrates the Father of Medicine?

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We usually hear that Hippocrates is the father of medicine. This is somewhat like saying that Gandhiji is the father of India. Such statements keep the herd hypnotized while corporate agendas fulfil their objectives. 

Researchers point out that the only evidence in medicine is the physicians clinical experience. The physicians role and patients cooperation cannot be replaced by any protocol. For the physician to fulfill his duty he must be in charge and be knowledgeable about the entire process and be guided by his zeal to benefit the patient. The sole objective should be cures. Instead we see an industry driven carefully constructed pattern in medicine which has to be followed by the practitioners like zombies spurred by the lure of income. 

The physicians do not frame the study material, do not audit their interventions, do not know the real qualities, adverse effects and interactions of the chemicals they prescribe, and do not elicit the feedback of their patients. Mismatch from top to bottom. Selling medicines, procedures and devices to unsuspecting customers has become the rule. Hippocrates did not devise this system; Rockefeller and his cronies did. 

If you rotate the medical system 180 degrees then maybe you can find out health so divorced it is from a physicians true calling. Yet this system mesmerizes its practitioners to such an extent that they abhor naturopathy, the very basis of all medicine. We must admit to the devious brilliance of the thought process of the new world order that has used this system to completely devastate the concept called man. 

Today we are observing the results in front of our eyes: The complete breakdown of physical and mental health, gender confusion and the consequent chaos in society and environment. 

If the profession wishes to reform it must detach itself from this demonic process and go back to its roots. Otherwise it must brace for complete collapse. The choice is theirs.