How medicine failed us

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How medicine failed us;
- It started with the assumption that diseases cannot be cured
- It reduced the doctors job to just writing prescriptions and conducting surgeries
- It reduced people to statistics to drive attention away from pain, misery and suffering
- It allowed the pharmaceutical industry to dominate and lead in the quest for profits
- It separated disease from people so that conquering disease mattered more than healing people and restoring health
- It completely negated the role of nutrition and exercise in health
- In trying to establish a corporate growth and profit oriented model it completely disregarded the body's own capacity to heal
- It looked at people as machines with parts that function independently 
- It made doctors specialists of parts rather than looking at the patient and environment as a whole
- It completely disempowered the people's knowledge about health and healing and undermined individual responsibility
- It undermined patients choice and role in judgements relating to health
- It actively destroyed all other forms of healing that had existed and healed for centuries
- It made its practitioners blind to all the risk factors in health by making them concentrate on the germ virus theory
- It lost people’s confidence as disease soared and all fell sick reeling under its misdirected interventions
- It mercilessly silenced, abused, threatened, arrested, and killed dissenters 
- By concentrating on the business model of volume, growth and profits it created a highly corrupt system that ranks no 1 in terms of global corruption ratings. A rating system was discontinued because it pointed this out year after year
Modern medicine no longer has the moral right to continue according to its own practitioners.