Health: My journey & realization.

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Respected Dr N.....,

Namaskar. My decision to go in for homeopathy was not a choice. I was given up as a lost case by the mainstream. The doctors did not know what to do with me. It was clearly admitted mine was a strange case. I did not savor the idea of further experimentation and decided to move away. Besides the threats of institutionalization when I protested did little to build my confidence on the system.

I do not disagree with their conclusions. Treating a rapidly deteriorating person who had suffered loss of immunity, hepatotoxicity, splenomegaly, skin lesions, a strange form of IBS, mitochondrial damage, multiple sclerosis and bipolar disorder bordering on schizophrenia is not any doctors dream.

It was providence that kept me alive and the threat directed towards me. But for the decision to fight back there was nothing left for me to continue. I simply took up the challenge.

I do not mind what I have been through. It is only through such devastating experiences that one can learn in detail about the inner functioning of the body and mind. Every Shaman has to go through such an experience. Then they are expected to propagate the knowledge in society. I feel I am one such Shaman. I look within and then without and try to become the voice of those who suffer.

Such suffering also leads to spiritual knowledge as one has to face several dimensions that are ignored by a materialistic society. You called the system a fraud. It is not a fraud. It is just the refusal to look beyond the material and consequently be trapped in the physical. 

The objective of medicine ought to be cures and the restoration of health. Keeping the healthy at an optimal level of health, leading the unhealthy towards health, and curing the sick should be the goal. Disease management is a cobbler’s job. 

It is when cure becomes the goal that the need to study the body - mind -emotions - energy - consciousness entity in relation to the physical and spiritual environment becomes evident. This is exactly what the holistic sciences do. They study the entire creation in its totality. It is all one. Every living and non living object in this universe is connected at several levels in a dynamic pulsating intelligent way. In India the knowledge is known as Samkhya philosophy.

It is when that connectedness is disturbed that disease occurs. Man is most well placed when he is in the natural environment. This is the reason why diseases increased after hunter gatherers became agriculturalists and exploded after they became industrialists.

A perfectly healthy person knows and feels that he is a part of the whole. He is in a meditative state even while he is in action. Life is a joy in just living when the connections are experienced and probed. In such a state health and healing are spontaneous. Vitality that helps life develop from the womb to birth and growth also takes care to maintain the optimal state of health. The consciousness leads it towards that goal. Our ancestors tapped that consciousness both at individual and collective levels. It was this consciousness that provided answers and revealed the secrets of nature.

The germs and viruses we hate are but the key to that interconnectedness. The microbiome and the mycobiome are what connect us with nature at the physical and energy levels. Life emerged from them, evolved due to them and is maintained due to them. The interplay between the genes of the microbiome that live within and without us provides vital intelligence about natural balance that is known as symbiosis. We are constantly interacting with our environment and adjusting to it thanks to the trillions of foreigners that exist within us. The process of adjustment often appears as illness or disease. The outcome is always beneficial both to the being and environment. 

The Sun's energy rules us. The plants help in converting that energy into the food we consume. In turn our excreta become the food of plants. Entire nature exists on such principles known as ecological principles. They point out a network of vibrant systems that support each other in a cyclical mechanism increasing in value with every transaction. The output of one becomes the input of another. The process helps in keeping the energy going at several levels and adding value in the process.

The Moon rules the mind. Its subtle forces guide us in various ways. The night is a time for contemplation. The Yogis meditate at night. More important are the intersections; break of dawn, peak afternoon, twilight and midnight. These are points when the individual consciousness communicates with the universal consciousness. These are the times best suited for prayer and the seeking of spiritual knowledge from the universal. With the circadian rhythm we stay in touch with the universal forces.

Man is essentially a spiritual creature; the physical life is a tiny portion of an entity whose vastness happens to be infinite. Philosophy points to a vastness that science cannot touch with the senses. Quantum physics is confounding because opposites can be true and mechanical laws do not apply. Logic loses its relevance once the physical world is crossed and intuition takes over. That intuition becomes supra intelligence when man agrees to probe the spiritual and connects with it.

The doctor’s job is to know and maintain the interconnections. To maintain the flow of events that cyclically occur all around us. A healthy man leads to a healthy environment and vice versa. Similarly an unhealthy person leads to a cycle of disease that can affect both the individual and the community. 

The world is a mental construct. We leave an imprint according to our mental makeup. A person healthy at all levels as a consequence of being connected is a boon to society and a disoriented person who has lost that connection is a curse. A physician must discover health, be healthy at all levels and lead the others towards health.

When this entirety is known and practiced in essence one becomes one’s own doctor. The spiritual guides help in molding the consciousness and help it in the path of merging with the all pervading intelligent consciousness. This was why the early ayurveds were hated and reviled. Though established in holism they brought in the role of the body. The leaders knew this could lead to body consciousness and thus opposed the physical crutch.

Today we have come very far from that goal and are established in the material world. But this too is a part of the cycle. Now that we are at the bottom the wheel has started moving again swinging towards its upward journey. It is up to us to be a part of that journey and aid the process or stick to our failed concepts and become obstacles that will be thrown out by the wheel of time.

The choice is ours.

I hope to write more of my own internal journey and the body mind processes I noticed when similarly provoked.

Looking forward to such interactions.

With love & regards,