Dr Richard Horton Advocates Natural Medicine.

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From The Lancet, 2012.
Food for thought.
"Before there were doctors, human beings relied on Nature alone to re-establish normality to the body. Ridding oneself of a cold or recovering from a minor injury, for example. But as science has advanced, so we doctors have argued that patients should increasingly put their trust in us as the practical emissaries of medical science. The place of Nature in human health and hygiene has become correspondingly diminished. Since the time of Hippocrates, doctors have sought to put Nature in its rightful place: subjugated to power of medicine. That ambition has meant asking patients to distrust their own sense, to jettison their own judgment, and “to appeal to the man capable of knowing for him what he is himself unaware of—that is, to the doctor”. With this argument, medicine achieves its position of dominance: “There is no hygiene without a doctor.” Perhaps this conclusion partly explains why doctors are often so reluctant to engage with aspects of health (social and political determinants of health, for example) if they themselves are not put at the centre of the solution. Science has been a vital source of strength for medical advance. But it has also led the doctor to a position of extraordinary dependence and, strangely, vulnerability."