Why preventive medicine has failed.

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By Dr Srinivasa Raghavan.

In the area of preventive medicine, we are not practising according to science. Rather our efforts are focussed in finding the cheapest way to eradicate named diseases. It is like making a mosquito bat that will kill specifically anopheles species because my boss told to eradicate it. 

Preventive & Social Medicine people and technocrats are working like this for the past 30 years as salesmen with targets to achieve. Governments want immediate results. Insurance companies want immediate results. Global capital wants immediate results. All want able bodied men and women to work for their profits and also consume their products. 

The first warning given by Virchow was wantonly ignored as the wine industry and Louis Pasteur were drunken with logical positivism and business potential of microbiology. 

We cannot prevent migration. It will kill business. Instead we kill microbes. Symbiosis is anathema. Parasitism is the only life concept we understand. We are parasites. Economic, political and social parasites. When parasites dictate policy you need to kill the enemies on a war footing. The second world war battle slangs and nursery rhymes still dominate the language of medical science. 

Microbes are enemies of the state. If you harbour it you are also enemy of the state. Put your hands back. Kneel down. Lie down. You will be taesed and if needed vaccinated.