Why do quacks thrive?

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The presence of quacks denotes that the mainstream medical system is unable to fulfill the health aspirations of people. A physician’s duty is much beyond attending to the sick; repairing a damaged shoe is a cobbler’s job. 

In terms of health the goal should be keeping healthy people happy, restoring the health of unhealthy, and curing those sick.To achieve this it is essential to adopt the Aristotle concept of mind, body and soul. To this ought to be added energy and vitality. In the present world a doctor has also to fight toxicity and corporate shenanigans. 

We do not find the medical empire remotely concerned about the above issues. Why? Because they are a vital part of the system which aims at sickening people and then preying off ill health. Unfortunately there are no greater quacks than the mainstream medicos themselves. 

Who is a quack? One who claims to be an expert in health, damages health with his interventions, and makes money in the process. The mainstream medicos perfectly fit this definition. Rather if they study the quacks they will understand most are actually talking sense. If the quacks can be cured of their business habits and given a proper grounding they can become useful members of society. 

And if the modern medicos take a hard look at themselves, read and understand holistic medical sciences and change their ways they can start repairing the extensive damage caused by their mindless interventions.