What doctors cannot acknowledge.

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What doctors cannot acknowledge;

- Modern medicine is not a system of treatment but a business strategy devised by Rockefeller to sell petrochemical drugs and expand his control over the world
- I G Farben of Germany joined him to expand their chemical industry after they failed to compete with him
- All serious modern day chronic diseases appeared in society after modern medicine spread its tentacles throughout the world as pointed out by medical researchers 
- WHO and all major medical institutes that dominate medicine were set up with Rockefeller funding and support
- Modern medicine is not based upon science but on convinient theories based upon extremely biased studies sponsored by the medical industry
- Ever since its inception the paradigms on which modern medicine (particularly the germ/virus causation theory) is based upon have been challenged by expert and credible doctors and medical scientists who have been ignored
- Many medical doctors and scientists have been stripped of their medical license for daring to speak the truth and pointing out the scam
- The depopulation agenda of the New World Order heavily depends upon the medical industry to achieve its objectives
- The history of the Pharmaceutical industry is replete with scandals involving hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths directly caused by FDA approved drugs and procedures
- In many countries doctors are being encouraged to abort babies, kill disabled and elderly, and comatose patients for the greater good
- The truth is disease is caused by toxins and toxic accumulation due to various reasons/ drifting away from nature and that bacteria and viruses, which are our vital link with nature, keep us healthy and alive 
- The mind is the source of illness, the best of healing is spiritual healing; the worst of illness is Pharma induced diseases

Those who have realized the above feel trapped within the system.