What do doctors learn about vaccines?

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Unfortunately doctors know practically nothing about vaccines. They are not taught. As vaccine damage is not immediately evident, they don't feel the need to know.

Faced with vaccine injury I was at a loss to know what happened to me and why. As a close friend was studying MBBS I had access to the college library and I scoured through books on paediatrics and immunology just to meet a dead end. Except for the schedule and the need for vaccines there was nothing beyond the warning to watch out for anaphylaxis - a sudden allergic reaction.

The doctors and Professors I met politely smiled at my questions. Through another friend I haunted the library of a medical research organization. Books on immunology and related research yielded nothing. The immunologists informed me they studied immunology, not vaccines.

Later as I made friends within the Indian Academy of Paediatrics, the then President sent me a lot of books. They were full of positive studies and industry sponsored research. As I and my doctor and scientist friends made inroads and started exposing the downside of vaccines, one of the books carried a warning about how the anti-vaccine wave had reached India.

Being the member of Paediatric forums I often watched as some members trying to raise the alarm were silenced by a powerful coterie. The anger took another form and the financial incentive to carry on the vaccine trade was exposed. Today the principal author of many of the IAP books, Dr Vipin Vashistha speaks against vaccines.

As I started posting on the main IAP forum, the senior doctors started responding favourably. But soon I was blocked and the forum itself was shut down. It reappeared in another form in a closed environment. Another forum too went from open to closed just as things were heating up. However some of the members continued to be in touch with me and expressed their concerns.

How do we save the doctors from their own ignorance?

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